Quebec Doctrine on LexisNexis® Quicklaw®

Quebec Doctrine gives you the essential French-language secondary materials you need to advise your Quebec clients.

Available under the Practice Areas tab on the LexisNexis® Quicklaw® service, Quebec Doctrine is a powerful research tool that equips practitioners with the resources to protect the rights and assert the interests of their clients with dealings in Quebec.

  • JurisClasseur Québec encyclopedia
  • LegisPratique collection
  • French-language treatises from LexisNexis
  • New titles to be added

Indispensable French-Language Publications
Find the resources you need to stay current on Quebec law and legal issues. Quebec Doctrine covers the major areas of practice: civil law, employment law, business law, criminal law and public law.

JurisClasseur Québec
By subscribing to Quebec Doctrine, you will gain access to the JurisClasseur Québec encyclopedia (JCQ). Representative topics include: Obligations et responsabilité civile, Personnes et famille and Santé et sécurité du travail.

Get the legislation that you need to best serve your Quebec clients. LegisPratique includes: Code de procédure civile annoté, édition 2010 and Droit de la famille – Jurisprudence en tableaux, édition 2009.

French-Language Treatises
Compare commentary with treatises that explain Quebec law and cases. For example, you will find L’appel en droit criminel et penal, Le droit de l’interprétation bilingue and Le devoir de juste representation.

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