LexisNexis® Quicklaw® Essentials


The LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials series puts timesaving research tools and tailored primary and secondary content at your fingertips — delivered by the most powerful online legal search engine in Canada.

Designed to meet the specific needs of your area of specialization, the LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials series allows you to subscribe to only what you need to get everything that you need to be an unbeatable resource for your clients.

The LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials series includes:

• LexisNexis Quicklaw Corporate Counsel — Designed specifically for the needs of in-house counsel
• LexisNexis Quicklaw Civil Litigation Essentials — Everything you need to assert your clients’ rights throughout a civil proceeding
• LexisNexis Quicklaw Criminal Essentials — Criminal-focused secondary materials and market-leading primary content
• LexisNexis Quicklaw Employment Essentials — Relevant primary and secondary content to protect your clients’ rights
• LexisNexis Quicklaw Family & Estates Essentials — What you need to protect your clients’ rights, needs and interests
• LexisNexis Quicklaw General Practice Essentials — Caters to the research needs of practitioners advising across a range of areas
• LexisNexis Quicklaw Immigration Essentials — Designed for the research needs of immigration professionals
• LexisNexis Quicklaw SME Business Essentials — Research to help you advise your small and medium enterprise clients