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Streamline your daily practice management and monitor the business side of your practice --with one integrated solution.

Achieving success in both the business and practice of law can be challenging. That's why we've launched PCLaw 12, a software solution designed to help you save valuable time and effort when managing your practice, client work and business.
  • Sections in key areas: My Practice, My Clients, My Business
  • Time Entry Advisor and Time Entry Notes
  • Real-time synchronization with Microsoft® Outlook® software for calendar, email and contacts
  • Enhanced general ledger budgeting
  • Client and contact categorization
  • Concise legal commentary
  • Legal forms and precedents

“Practice Made Perfect”
Work efficiently and improve profitability. PCLaw 12 streamlines your daily practice management using a new and innovative interface – divided into three sections -- that gives you a 360° view of your practice. PCLaw 12 can help you move your business towards a vision of "practice made perfect."

Stay Organized with My Practice Section
Take advantage of PCLaw 12 sections, with tools for leaders, practitioners and support staff. The My Practice section helps you manage your day-to-day activities by centralizing calendars, to-dos, communications, RSS feeds and websites.

Consolidate Information with My Clients Section
Centralize all your important client and matter information in one clear view, available with the My Clients section. Open a file without having to open multiple programs and windows. Get fast access to appointments, contacts, correspondence, documents, phone calls, notes, and financial accounts.

Get a Financial Snapshot with My Business Section
Simplify the business administration side of your practice, including financial statements and summaries. Use the My Business section for financial planning, budgeting, billing transactions and marketing functions. Key Performance Indicators let you monitor your firm's financial health.

Find In-Depth Coverage of Practice Areas
Access over 350 legal forms and precedents covering eight key areas of practice. Concise legal commentary gives you a quick summary of important principles in eight areas of practice, as well as cross-references to the relevant legal checklists, forms or precedents included in PCLaw.

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Integrated solutions for practice management
Efficiently manage your practice, client work and business through one integrated solution: PCLaw 12. The tools within the My Practice dashboard will help you stay on top of appointments, key tasks, email and phone messages, and developments in the legal world.

Efficient client and financial tracking
From the My Clients dashboard, you can quickly access critical client and matter information, including meetings and a summary of recent activity. Use the My Business dashboard to easily track your budget and monitor billable hours, work in progress, receivables and bank balances.

Better billing information
Improve your firm’s profitability by reducing “lost” billable time. The Time Entry Advisor feature reminds users to add billing information when working on documents and tasks. You can add notes to entries in time sheets, without that information appearing on the bill.

Improved organization
Keep your busy days and looming deadlines under control with the redesigned, easy-to-use calendar and ticklers. PCLaw 12 allows you to easily track the time you spend on tasks by the timer included in the ToDo window.

Forms, precedents and legal research
Save time and frustration from hunting down precedents and reinventing the wheel. The Practice Guidance dashboard is an add-on module for Ontario that features legal commentary, forms and precedents, checklists, and access to the LexisNexis® Quicklaw® online legal research service.

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Product Support
Need assistance with technical questions? Use our online resources, including troubleshooting information and forums to address technical questions.

Technical Support Call Centre
The sophisticated PCLaw technical support call centre ensures prompt answers to your questions. Call the PCLaw customer support team at 1-800-387-9785, available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.

Certified Independent Consultants
Many firms lack the internal resources to properly install and configure software, troubleshoot network issues and otherwise get the firm "up and running."

Find a LexisNexis Certified Independent Consultant (CIC) to assist you with everything from software installation to training and firm-specific customizations. CICs have completed comprehensive training and certification on LexisNexis software products.

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  • CaseMap®
  • LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer
  • LAW PreDiscovery™
  • Concordance®
  • LexisNexis® Quicklaw® Full Service

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