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Political, technological, economic and cultural forces will dramatically alter the future of the legal profession in Canada — and the outcomes will surprise and confound everyone in the industry. Are you ready for the future?

This past April, 40 of Canada’s leading legal and business minds met to discuss the impact of the foundational changes creating a rapidly shifting legal landscape and how to prepare for what’s ahead.

This daylong event culminated in a first-of-its-kind, distinctly Canadian whitepaper — LexisNexis® Leadership Series: The Future of Law. In this whitepaper, rather than try to predict a single future, we discuss four plausible yet distinct possibilities that could unfold and tools to help the reader track and prepare for the future.

The whitepaper explores:

  • Four possible futures that could unfold in 2020
  • Insights on how to prepare for change across four possible futures
  • A list of early indicators pointing to the futures as they unfold
  • Implications and considerations for key stakeholders

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