Lexis Practice Advisor® Canada is a lawyer’s “how-to guide” for tackling any given topic in 14 practice areas, spanning multiple Canadian jurisdictions.

The new Litigation & Dispute Resolution Module includes expert guidance and tools to navigate every stage of litigation, from the initial client meeting through to the ultimate resolution.

Here are 5 immediate benefits for lawyers who use the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Module:

1. Breadth of topics.
The Module is divided into 12 topics and more than 80 sub-topics that cover the fundamental process of a litigation practice.

2. Depth of specialized content.
Leverage expert precedents, practice notes, and checklists relating to specific types of litigation. The specialist content will refresh your skills in areas that you are new to or have not tackled lately.

3. Substantive knowledge.
Its coverage of numerous topics will refresh and deepen your knowledge of the law in other practice areas.

4. Incredibly useful tools.
The Module includes 6 task-based calculators, and two Smart Charts on Limitation Periods and Rules of Civil Procedures, to help you quickly and accurately complete various litigation tasks.

5. Dynamic, current information.
The Module is kept current and managed by our team of litigation experts along with contributions of leading Canadian litigators.

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