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Content that inspires confidence

Lexis Advance Quicklaw gives you access to an extensive database of over 2.1 million cases, jurisdictional sources, including exclusive sources like Halsbury's Laws of Canada and Canadian Tort Law. Be confident in your work — and start setting legal precedents, not just citing them.

Validate decisions with QuickCITE® Citator

QuickCITE ensures your decisions are based on good authority by cases with over 2 million records. QuickCITE records also include a commentary section, that provides a list of citing references and hyperlinks to commentary documents that consider the case in question.

Search intuitively and efficiently

New legal matter? Researching an ongoing topic? Lexis Advance Quicklaw delivers flexible search options aligned with the way you want to work. Search broadly or go right to a favourite source. Narrow your search up-front or further down the road. Get on-point, authoritative information — fast.

Zero in on what you need

Reduce search time and avoid sifting through results with intuitive pre-search and post-search filters that help you precisely target relevant documents. Search Term Maps highlight your specific terms — in colour — to help you arrive at the most on-point results quickly.

We've got your back

AVAILABLE NOW: Pleadings, Motions & Facta Content Collection

Access quality documents from pivotal cases in key practice areas for the past 5 years at your fingertips — including motions in complex litigation; leading seminal cases from Provincial, Territorial, and Federal courts; and other timely, topical issues.

Find out more about the Pleadings, Motions and Facta collection with a free, live demonstration. Already a Lexis Advance Quicklaw customer? Contact your dedicated LexisNexis Account Manager to find out more.

The cost of "free" legal research

Free online legal research solutions can sometimes be a great place to begin your research, but you can often waste time sifting and assessing the information they return.

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