Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Update
December 2021

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We updated our Explore Content pod to include Jurisdiction tab to ensure you can browse and search jurisdiction specific content easily. As a jurisdiction specific practitioner, you now have every source and document at your fingers tips that LexisNexis has to offer in one convenient location.

Jurisdiction - Federal

Based on user feedback, Cases and Legislations High Level Content Types are listed on top while multi-jurisdictional contents are listed on the right hand pane.

We’ve categorized our in-depth catalogue of content by jurisdiction so you can easily access the materials that matter most to your research.  The titles specific to the jurisdiction are listed so you can choose to search a specific title, content type or everything within a jurisdiction.

Pending Amendments Now Included in Current Consolidation

Our current consolidation of legislation now includes pending amendments in the current consolidation of legislation. This includes legislation that has received royal assent but is not yet in force.

Source Information Now Available in Post-Filters

Legislation that has been divided into Parts, now has the sections that comprise each part identified in the Table of Contents.

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