Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Update
Improvements to Legal Topics
March 2024

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We update our Legal Topics classification on an ongoing basis to ensure it reflects recent legal developments, legislative changes, and emerging topics, and to add granularity to important areas. Here are our most recent additions:

  • Criminal Law: we have added 15 new criminal law legal topics to our English and French classifications covering offences under the Criminal Code, with a focus on topics relative to impaired driving offences.
  • Immigration Law: we have added 14 new immigration law topics to our English and French classifications allowing you to filter your results by the refugee claimant’s country of nationality.
  • Professional Responsibility: we have added 28 new professional responsibility topics across our common law and civil law classifications allowing you to filter your results by specific profession or occupation.

To access the full Legal Topics classification, go to Browse > Topics on Lexis Advance Quicklaw. From there you will be able to select a topic and run a search across all content types, including case law, legislation, and secondary materials.

Please find below the list of our most recently released Legal Topics:

Criminal Law

  • Criminal Code offences
    • Offences against the administration of law and justice (118 to 149 Cr.C.) > Corruption and disobedience (119 to 130.1 Cr.C.)
      • Resistance or obstruction of a public officer or peace officer (129 Cr.C.)
    • Misleading justice (131 to 143 Cr.C.)
      • Obstruction of justice (139 Cr.C.)
    • Offences against person and reputation (214 to 320.1 Cr.C.)
      • Libel (297 to 317 Cr.C.)
      • Offences relating to conveyances (320.11 to 320.4 Cr.C.)
        • Failing to stop or remain at accident scene (320.16 Cr.C.)
        • Impaired operation or operation over the legal limit (320.14, 320.15 and 320.27 to 320.4 Cr.C.)
          • Breathalyzer or blood sample demand (320.28 Cr.C.)
            • Approved instrument or container (320.11 Cr.C.)
            • As soon as practicable or forthwith (320.28(1)(a) Cr.C.)
            • Disclosure of information with respect to instrument (320.34 Cr.C)
            • Reasonable and probable grounds (320.28(1) Cr.C.)
          • Evaluation of impaired operation (320.28(2)(a) Cr.C.)
          • Evidence to the contrary
          • Failing or refusing to provide breath or blood sample (320.15 Cr.c. [formerly 254(5) Cr.C.])
          • Roadside screening test (320.27 Cr.C.)
            • Approved screening device (320.11 Cr.C.)
            • As soon as practicable (320.28(1)(a) Cr.C.)
            • Reasonable suspicion (320.27(1) Cr.C.)

Immigration Law

  • Refugee protection
    • Country of nationality
      • China
      • Columbia
      • Haiti
      • Hungary
      • India
      • Iran
      • Mexico
      • Nigeria
      • Pakistan
      • Russia
      • Sri Lanka
      • Turkey
      • United States of America

Professional Liability and Discipline (Québec)

  • Discipline et déontologie > Professions particulières
    • Comptable
    • Conseiller financier
    • Dentiste
    • Ingénieur
    • Juge
    • Médecin
  • Responsabilité professionnelle > Professions particulières
    • Agent de voyage
    • Architecte
    • Arpenteur-géomètre
    • Comptable
    • Dentiste
    • Ingénieur
    • Médecin

Professional Responsibility (Common Law)

  • Particular professions and occupations
    • Accountants
    • Architects
    • Barristers and solicitors
    • Dentists, hygienists and dental technicians
    • Doctors
    • Engineers
    • Insurance agents or brokers
    • Judges
    • Police officers
    • Real estate agents or brokers
    • Surveyors
    • Travel agents and wholesalers

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