Nexis Diligence+

A higher standard in due diligence

Conduct due diligence with confidence and clarity

Nexis Diligence+ combines sophisticated technology with an unmatched collection of data. So, you can conduct due diligence at scale to identify threats and avoid chaos.

Improve your due diligence

Overseeing a merger and acquisition or screening a potential business partner? Nexis Diligence+ serves as the all-in-one due diligence software for assessing any potential risk from the people and third-party entities interacting with your business.

Key Features of Nexis Diligence+

Nexis Diligence enables you to develop a comprehensive due-diligence report which taps into the powerful global news archive.

Jeanette Jones, Co-Author of Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals and founder of Cottrill Research

Having one resource through which to find all relevant information has completely changed the team’s ability to assess new business relationships.

Head of KYC & MLRO

Employing Nexis Diligence provides a comfort level and assurance that we are engaging those clients that are appropriate for our firm and who meet the high standards we set for client acceptance, our work and ourselves.