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Nexis® Direct gives decision-makers instant, cost-effective access to the right business intelligence and global news.

Search quickly and confidently through reliable business-related content. Get superior information from sources available through the LexisNexis® services. The web-like interface has practical forms and functionality, with easy-to-read results and timesaving links.

  • Instant access to key news, company, industry and executive information
  • Quick search interface requires little or no training
  • Hard-to-find premium content and data
  • Users in your organization can quickly access results
  • Archived information going back up to 35 years
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Know More
Organized around the frequent information needs of business professionals, Nexis® Direct offers guided access to current and archival news and hard-to-find premium content on individuals, companies, and industries.

Superior Resources
Improve efficiency and confidence by directly accessing information on over 46 million companies through an exclusive combination of company reports, financial information, market research reports and news sources.

Superior Results
By using Nexis® Direct rather than relying solely on the open web, you can rapidly make business decisions backed by the confidence of high-quality information and data.

Know what’s happening when it happens and what key stakeholders are saying. Monitor any content with regular alert messages to your e-mail or mobile device. Get up to 500 keyword alerts updated hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Perform efficient, effective research
Improve the speed and quality of your information gathering with direct access to authoritative sources, including the world’s leading resources and newswires, company snapshots and profiles, and thousands of preselected industry publications.

Don’t miss vital information
Take advantage of the largest, most comprehensive information service available, with premium Canadian, emerging markets and global information.  With Nexis® Direct, you’ll have the power you need to make the best decisions.

Use the combined power of online resources
Search effortlessly across the world’s leading publications – both current and archived – with the ease of an internet search combined with the power of Nexis®.  With no training needed, Nexis® Direct offers the ability to quickly pinpoint the answer you need.

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