On May 15, 2017, a group of industry-leading legal professionals gathered in Toronto to share their expertise and experience at a one-day interactive forum organized and hosted by LexisNexis Canada and the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University. The event offered a fresh, innovative, and informative look at the future of legal services to over 70 legal organizations that included law firms, corporations and legal startups.

We invite you to download our Legal Innovation Summit Report. Our presenter’s key points and practical recommendations are summarized in the report.







Ben W. Heineman Jr.

Ben W. Heineman Jr.

Ben W. Heineman Jr. was Senior Vice President-General Counsel for General Electric from 1987-2003, and then Senior Vice President for law and public affairs from 2004 until his retirement in 2005. Under his guidance, GE's legal department became world-renowned for its excellence, not only in legal service, but also for the major role that its attorneys play in business and management.

Currently a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University, a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Program on the Legal Profession at the Harvard Law School, lecturer at Yale Law School and a Senior Advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Ben Heineman Jr. is the author of The Inside Counsel Revolution: Resolving the Partner-Guardian Tension, published by the ABA in 2016, and High Performance with High Integrity (Harvard Business Press, 2008).

The Inside Counsel Revolution

 A copy of Ben’s book Inside Counsel Revolution was given to all attendees.


Zev J. Eigen

Zev J. Eigen is the Global Director of Data Analytics at Littler Mendelson, the world’s largest labor & employment law firm. Littler was recently awarded “Client Service Innovator of the Year” in Legaltech News and The Recorder’s joint Innovation Awards. He leads a team of data scientists in constructing predictive models and building software solutions to HR, labor, employment and litigation focused problems. An internationally recognized expert in data science and predictive analytics as applied to HR, labor & employment law, and contracts, he was recently honoured as one of the Financial Times' 10 most innovative lawyers in 2016, as a FastCase50 Innovator of 2016, and as one of "40 Under 40 Rising Legal Stars" by the National Law Journal.

Dr. Eigen earned his Ph.D. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. As a former professor, his research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Harvard Law School, MIT, and private sources such as Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. He holds a J.D. from Cornell Law School and a B.S. from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (with honors).


Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran provides leaders and teams with change leadership skills to lead with 2020 vision and tools to build the future workplace today. Cheryl’s research into the future of work, change leadership, technology innovation, and generations impact provides data and strategies to help leaders drive transformation in a fast paced world.

Cheryl is honored to work with and for global brands such as AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Gartner, TEDX, Bell, Mass Mutual, Manulife, and more. She also works with small to midsized firms including professional practices, tech firms, and more. She is the author of the 6 books including “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World”, and the best seller “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work”.

In her 20s Cheryl was a high performing senior leader in the banking and insurance industries. Her success in those industries resulted in her becoming an intern for a major consulting firm before heading out on her own to establish her consulting firm in the late 90s. Fast forward and today Cheryl has a thriving practice and esteemed clients who achieve breakthrough success as a result of working with her.


Workshop Leaders


Carla Goldstein

Carla Goldstein

Carla Goldstein is the former Associate General Counsel and Director of Strategic Initiatives for BMO Financial Group. Carla oversaw the strategy and implementation of BMO’s Legal Excellence Program, which includes the outside counsel program. Based in Chicago, Carla worked with the bank’s attorneys and outside counsel to drive innovative delivery models for legal services, including the use of process improvement, technology, and pricing models not based on the billable hour.

Prior to joining BMO in 2013, Carla was Chief Strategic Innovations Officer of SeyfarthLean Consulting and its parent, Seyfarth Shaw. In 2005, Seyfarth created the approach of using Lean Six Sigma for the delivery of legal services, which incorporates process improvement, project management, and technological solutions (eventually branded as SeyfarthLean). Carla was one of the founders that developed this innovative approach of SeyfarthLean. The SeyfarthLean methodology is now being followed, trained, and incorporated into all aspects of the legal industry.


Margaret Hagan

Margaret Hagan

Margaret Hagan directs the Legal Design Lab, an R&D lab for more accessible, intuitive, and engaging legal services at Stanford Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. She is a lawyer with a JD from Stanford and a lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (the d.school). Margaret teaches a series of project-based classes, with interdisciplinary student groups tackling legal challenges. She also leads workshops to train legal professionals in the design process, to produce client-focused innovation.

Margaret’s work focuses on bringing design into the world of law, to create a new generation of accessible, engaging legal services. Her blog on legal innovation is Open Law Lab.




Loik Amis

Loik Amis

Loik Amis joined LexisNexis Canada as Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Loik leads the organization in its continued development of high quality content, leading-edge technology, and workflow solutions.

Loik previously acted as Vice President of Business Development, Strategy, and Marketing at LexisNexis France, where he led strategy and business development, strategic and product marketing, communications and pricing. In addition, he was Executive Director of Lexis360, the innovative new online service for the French legal market launched with great success in 2012.


Chris Bentley

Chris Bentley

Chris Bentley is the Executive Director of the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) at Ryerson University. Chris practiced criminal defence and labour law for 23 years at every level of court. While teaching part-time for 10 of those years at Western’s law school, he set up the Careers Office and was recognized for his teaching. He was a founder and the first chairperson of Neighbourhood Legal Services of London and Middlesex, established to help those who could not afford legal services. Chris was elected as the MPP for London West in 2003, and was a Minister in the Ontario Government for 10 years, including Labour, Training, Colleges and Universities, Energy, Aboriginal Affairs and Attorney General for 4 years.


Hersh Perlis

Hersh Perlis

Hersh Perlis is the Director and co-Founder of the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) at Ryerson University which is focused on building better solutions for the consumers of legal services. As the first legal incubator in Canada and possibly globally, the LIZ is a leading hub for entrepreneurs and changemakers that are transforming Canada’s legal system through innovative products and solutions.







09:15 – 10:00

Keynote I: The Inside Counsel Revolution: The changing role of the global
general counsel

In the past 25 years, there has been a revolution in the legal profession. General Counsel and other inside lawyers have risen in quality, responsibility, power and status. Once second class citizens in corporations and the profession at large, they have become core members of top corporate management, equal in importance to the Chief Financial Officer and the finance function. Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. led that revolution in his nearly 20 years as the head lawyer at GE. He will describe the essence of that transformation and the modern role of inside counsel, including the key functions, relationships, issues, problems and dilemmas, and will argue for the role of inside counsel as lawyer-statesman, motivated not just by the desire for income, but by broader values of integrity and corporate citizenship.
Inside Counsel Revolution   A copy of Ben’s book Inside Counsel Revolution was given to all attendees.
Presented in partnership with   Canadian Corporate Counsel Association


Workshops (workshops will run concurrently)
Workshop IA: Law by Design: A movement to make the law more accessible, more usable, and more engaging

We all know that legal organizations need to be “innovating,” but how can that actually be achieved? How do we get from speculative talk to action and implementation?

Design holds promise in this area. Design helps you scout ripe areas for creating new services and products. It gives you a structured process to follow, to ensure you are developing something that your audience will use and value. And it prevents innovation efforts from falling prey to the main causes of failure: either getting stuck in around-the-table discussion or becoming the “big idea” that ends up as an expensive flop.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn what “design thinking” means in practice, and how it can be applied to legal services. We will spotlight existing projects and applications that have come out of this approach, and participants will depart with a valuable new toolset to use when exploring opportunities for innovation and developing initiatives.

Workshop IB: Carla Goldstein
The Lean Approach to Law: Innovating legal process management.

See afternoon workshop for details


Keynote II: Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Zev Eigen is a leading innovator in the application of artificial intelligence (“machine learning”) algorithms, econometrics and statistics to legal decision making. Discover how to drive profitability with data and related insights. Find out how Big Data will help you get - and stay - ahead of the evolving legal landscape.


Workshops (workshops will run concurrently)
Workshop IIA: The Lean Approach to Law: Innovating legal process management

The Lean methodology was first explored by Henry Ford and then brought back into focus by Toyota to create a more efficient process for the manufacturing of their cars.

It wasn’t until 2005, when the law firm, Seyfarth Shaw LLP, looked at Lean Six Sigma as an possible approach to be followed to deliver their legal services more efficiently, more aligned with the value expected by the client and for a price that is predictable and matched their client’s goals and objectives.

We will provide you with an overview of the Lean methodology and the most relevant tools for use with the delivery of legal services.

The majority of the workshop will be hands on exercises for you to experience, in real time, how the tools work and how they can be applied to any area of practice.

We intend for you to leave with an implementation plan made up of manageable first steps, so when you get back to your desk at work you can start to put your plan into action.

Workshop IIB: Law by Design: Margaret Hagan
A movement to make the law more accessible, more usable, and more engaging.
See morning workshop for details


Keynote III: The Future Of Work Is Now - Embracing Innovation In The Legal Industry

The future of work is fast upon the legal industry, technology change, leadership approaches are changing, generations are impacting the workplace and there is disruption happening in industries globally. The future of work needs leaders who have an ‘upgraded operating system’ the way they think/do/share. The future workplace will have a very different culture and will require everyone to be innovative, creative and flexible. In this closing keynote, Cheryl Cran will provide inspiration, ideas and examples of companies who are future of work ready and how we can learn from them to enhance our practices.

You will leave this Keynote with:

  • The future of work, how people will be affected by ongoing technological innovation, the changing generational attitudes and why everyone needs to be a ‘change leader'
  • Research and data on the impact of leadership on business growth and why the focus needs to be on ‘people’ and then build strategies and technologies that increase client experience as well as employee experience
  • Case studies and examples of progressive companies that are on the cutting edge of developing innovative workplaces and creating the template for the workplace of the future
  • Ways to apply ‘real time’ creativity in your interactions with clients and employees
  • A new future of work ‘thinking model’ that allows you to self-check and help others to be focused on ‘the future of work’ mindset.

Please note the agenda can be subject to change.

Canadian Corporate Counsel Association This program contains 4 Professionalism Hours and 2 Substantive Hours. LexisNexis Canada has been approved as an Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

See Who Attended

Air Canada Exigent Group Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
Amicus Chambers Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Ontario Bar Association
Axiom Law Financial Planning Standards Council Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
Bennett Jones LLP Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Osgoode Hall Law School
Bentham IMF Foster LLP Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Henderson Johnston Fournier Precedent Magazine
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Intact Financial Corporation RBC Law Group
Building NewLaw Law Made Re: Sound Music Licensing Company
Canadian Bar Association Law Practice Program Royal Bank of Canada
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association Law Scout Ryerson University
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada LAWPRO Scotiabank
City of Mississauga Legal Aid Ontario Simplex Legal LLP
City of Toronto  Legalbox Spark LLP
Clausehound Legally Inc. Stikeman Elliott LLP
Codify Legal Publishing Littler Mendelson P.C. TD Bank Group
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario MapYourProperty Teva Canada
Conway Davis Gryski McCarthy Tétrault LLP The Lawyer's Daily
Courts Administration Service McMillan LLP The Un-Firm of the Future
Deloitte Medtronic of Canada, Ltd. Torkin Manes LLP
Deloitte Conduit Law LLP  Mercanix Torys LLP
Dentons Canada LLP Ministry of Attorney General University of Calgary Law School
Diligen Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry University of Toronto
Emond Harnden LLP MyLegalBriefcase WeirFoulds LLP
Evichat National Bank Wires Jolley LLP

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