Litigation Solutions

eDiscovery and Review Solutions

Early Data Analyzer
  • Eliminate duplicate, irrelevant and non-responsive files at the source, and reveal the scope of work at the earliest point.  Learn more!
LAW PreDiscovery
  • Save time and gain early insights by preculling and deduplicating huge volumes of case data, bringing it down to the most relevant 10 to 15 per cent before review.  Learn more!
Concordance Suite
  • Streamline your trial preparation and empower your litigation team to search, review and share litigation documents and collaborate in real-time across the firm or around the world.  Learn more!


Case Organization and Presentation Solutions

  • Capture, organize and evaluate all critical case facts and legal research in a central, searchable database.  Maximize your case knowledge, assess risk and gauge the strength of your case.  Learn more!
TextMap 8
  • Create a searchable database of transcripts, making it easier than ever to pinpoint key testimony, collaborate with team members and link key testimony to the ultimate issues.  Learn more!
  • A single resource that lets you quickly assemble and present trial materials. Learn more!
  • An industry-leading timeline graphing tool that turns complex information into simple visuals to help you understand, analyze and communicate the facts in your case.  Learn more!