Lexis+ AI

Transform your legal work

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The most powerful legal AI on the planet

With conversational search, drafting, summarization, and document upload tools, Lexis+ AI drives productivity, improved work quality, and economic benefits for legal professionals.

Artificial intelligence built for legal performance

Collaborate with Lexis+ AI like you would a trusted colleague who intelligently and conversationally responds to your legal questions.
Go from blank page to first draft in moments. Easily adjust tone, length, or positioning. Generate winning arguments and quality contract clauses with remarkable speed, ease, and precision.
Get the legal summary you need in seconds without clicking into a single search result.
Extract and summarize key insights from firm documents in moments.

Responsibly developed with expert human oversight

Not only have we advanced legal AI, but we have integrated security and safety by design into our core framework to ensure that every interaction is backed by state-of-the-art security.

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