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A non-profit organization has initiated a derivative action against Shell for failure to mitigate and manage against climate risk. This action raises the question whether a derivative action can be initiated for failure to comply with climate initiatives. The not-for-profit organization released statement on the action – the organization brought the action under the U.K. Companies Act – the courts in Canada allow for these lawsuits to be initiated in a similar fashion. Law360 Canada provides a summary of the pending lawsuit below

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Emerging issue Resource In-product link PDF version
Derivative claims against directors for alleged climate change mismanagement Derivative claims against directors for alleged climate change mismanagement Law360 link N/A
Resource Kit – Environmental, Social, and Governance Practical Guidance PDF download 
Business and Human Rights as Law – The Evolution of Corporate Responsibility Lexis+ PDF download 
ESG Rating – Shell Midstream Partners LP: CSRHub ESG Ratings Diligence PDF download 
Official Statement – Green-fund naming threshold doesn’t sway ESMA stakeholder group MLex PDF download 
ESG Comment Letters (Example) – Environmental Climate Change Intelligize PDF download 

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