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Emerging Issue – Labor & Employment Law

In the case of Nedelec v. Rogers, 2023 FC 950 the Federal Court dismissed the applicant’s application for Judicial Review of an interlocutory decision. The applicants were challenging the tribunal’s earlier decision whereby the tribunal determined it would adopt the factors enumerated in s.15 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, RSC 1985 c H-6. 
The Federal Court reasoned that the application for review was brought prematurely before the administrative process was complete. For more information about the decision please read the article listed below.

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Nedelec v. Rogers, 2023 FC 950

Judicial review of interlocutory decision in age discrimination complaint dismissed as premature Law360 link N/A
Power to Make Specific Orders: Interim Orders – Administrative Law in Canada (Blake) Lexis+ PDF download 
Administrative Tribunals  Lexis+ - Practical Guidance PDF download 
Judicial Review – Human Rights Law (within the past 5 years) Context PDF download 
Canadian Human Rights Act (Related Acts)  Lexis+ - Legislative Pulse PDF download 
Administrative Law (2022 Reissue): Table of Statutes – Halsbury’s Laws of Canada Lexis+ PDF download 

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