The LexisNexis Construction portfolio provides resources that can help you navigate the intricate rules and guidelines in the construction industry such as jurisdiction, successor rights, sectoral determinations and certification requirements. You will also benefit from current and practical information on legal issues that could affect you or your client such as: improper bid awards, breaches of contract, negligence, impact costs, liens, errors and omissions, change orders, delays or accelerations.

We can help you face your challenges in the Construction Industry head-on:



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Legal Research and Practical Guidance

Simplifying your search for legal information and insight

Construction Essentials Construction is a highly complex industry with multiple stakeholders and millions of dollars on the line. Lexis Advance Quicklaw Construction Essentials provides full access to all primary law, case digests, exclusive commentary and secondary content.

Titles include:

  • Bidding and Tendering - What is the Law? (Sandori, Piggott)
  • Construction Law in Canada (Ricchetti, Murphy)
  • Government Procurement (Emanuelli), 3rd ed.
  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Construction (Glaholt, Rotterdam)


Labour Law EssentialsCovering all aspects of the employment relationship within a unionized environment, Labour Law Essentials provides content on contract negotiation, wrongful dismissal, harassment and more.

Titles include:

  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Labour (Knight, Savoline, LeClair, Hudson, Pettit, Woods)
  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Workplace Health and Safety (Keith, Bassi)
  • Palmer & Snyder: Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada (Bendel, et al.)
  • Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law (Mcarthur, Bloch, Salisbury and Brown)

Access expert guidance and train new lawyers

Lexis Practice Advisor

In-House Counsel Desk
Enables you to know and do more, with less. It's like having a team of experts at your fingertips. Access a broad range of practical guidance, tools, checklists, and precedents so you can better tackle the main issues you confront as corporate counsel – and get the results you need.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Quickly and easily access the most important and sought after information, tools, practice notes, precedents and more with the Litigation & Dispute Resolution module. Get practical guidance to assist you with every stage of litigation: from the initial meeting through to the ultimate resolution. Gain access to personal injury lawyers who provide legal representation to individuals who have been injured, physically or psychologically, because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency or entity.

Lexis Practice Advisor includes:

  • Practice Notes
  • Forms and Precedents
  • Checklists, Tables and Flowcharts
  • Calculators
  • Subtopic Overviews
  • Transactions Search, powered by Intelligize®

The industry's leading case analysis tool

Case Map®
The industry's leading case analysis tool helps lawyers bring together all the relevant case facts, documents, the cast of characters, issues, and case law into a centralized repository for improved case analysis.

Strengthen your case and reinforce your chronologies by linking evidence like product specifications, product production history and recall notices to people and organizations.

Compliance and Due Diligence

A full spectrum resource for all securities-related work

LexisNexis Canada's Securities Suite
Canadian engineering and construction companies often look to M&A’s to expand their domestic and international capabilities. Lexis Securities Suite covers the full spectrum of your securities-related work with access to corporate filings, disclosure documents, practical guidance and legal research resources.

From public offerings, takeover bids, M&A, corporate restructuring, regulations and more, Securities Suite allows you to:

  • Review and draft securities filings and other disclosure documents
  • Conduct due diligence and ensure corporate regulatory compliance
  • Research and analyze administrative and judicial content
  • Draft M&A and securities transactions, including IPO agreements

Staying up-to-date with bills and regulations

Canadian Legislative PULSE®
Legislative Pulse monitors and manage the progress of Bills and keep track of changes proposed to specified Acts to help you confidently assess the impact to your business. From changes to the Annotated Ontario Building Code Act to tracking land development regulations, Legislative Pulse allows you to better influence proposed matters, reduce compliance risk and deliver meaningful information to your stakeholders.

Vetting new clients and monitoring conflicts of interest

Lexis Diligence
Conduct due diligence on companies and PEPs with confidence with our easy-to-use web-based interface enabling you to mitigate your operational, financial, legal and reputational risk by evaluating and monitoring existing and potential suppliers, business partners, acquisition targets, private partners, grant applicants, and politically exposed persons.

News Awareness

Keeping informed of current legal news and developments

Stay on top of the latest laws, key rulings, transactions and litigation activity in Canada with Law360™ Canada or throughout North America with Law360.

  • Get alerts on developments that impact your industry and your business as well as exclusive coverage and analysis of key issues from a legal perspective.

Generate business; stay up to date on the latest news covering key industry players, suppliers, competitors and regulations.

Tap into 27,000+ licensed news sources, 80,000+ web news sources and 3.3M+ social media feeds and monitor legal trends from Canada, U.S. and worldwide. Find opportunities to broker relationships and receive alerts when key people move around and when news/rumors surface.