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For public sector counsel wanting to get the best result for their stakeholders, LexisNexis Canada has an unrivalled portfolio of information and services that provide:

  • The right information
  • In the right format
  • That is up to date, and
  • Is ready when needed.

Our unrivalled portfolio helps counsel make faster decisions, maintain high quality, take on new responsibilities, and adapt to change.

We are on a mission to support public sector counsel as they meet immediate and longer-term challenges, and we'd love to help you!

Products & Services

Establishing the standard for government lawyering.

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers is a definitive guide that delves into the ethical and legal practice issues that arise in connection with lawyering for the Crown.

Written by Elizabeth Sanderson.

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Criminal Law Litigation & Dispute Resolution
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Family Law Real Estate Law
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