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The deets: by registering with us, we will automatically extend your access to Lexis Advance Quicklaw free of charge for 6 months from date of graduation. We also offer you your choice of one module of Lexis Practice Advisor free for 6 months, a free 6-month subscription to The Lawyer's Daily to keep up to speed on breaking news in the legal field as you prepare to practice. AND a 20% discount of books in our Bookstore for 6 months to help you start your career on the right foot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free training on our products. Please register for a training session HERE or consult our anytime videos and tip sheets HERE.

When working at a firm, you must use the firm's Lexis Advance Quicklaw account for several reasons, not least of which is for disbursement purposes. It would be okay for you to practice up on Lexis Advance Quicklaw using your law school ID.

We are currently offering 6 months extended access to Lexis Advance Quicklaw, your choice of one module of Lexis Practice Advisor free for 6 months, a free 6-month subscription to The Lawyers Daily and a 20% discount of books in our Bookstore for 6 months.  LexisNexis may amend this offering from time to time and may include new products going forward. Lexis for Microsoft Office is also available free for 6 months (for PC users). 

Please drop us a line at lawschools@lexisnexis.ca if you have any questions about the program. We're happy to hear your feedback!

On rare occasions we may be able to extend your access beyond 6 months. Please drop us a line at lawschools@lexisnexis.ca with your reason for the extension. Please don't forget to include your Lexis Advance Quicklaw ID.

Please drop us a line at lawschools@lexisnexis.ca. As this is a new program, we're excited to hear what you think!  If it's a compliment, please let us know if we can use your comment publicly.

No, your Lexis Advance Quicklaw ID will simply expire at the end of the 6 months.

No, LexisNexis does not impose a usage ceiling on its users. However we do monitor document downloads and reserve the right to limit/remove access to Lexis Practice Advisor if document downloading appears excessive.

Yes! For royalty reasons we can no longer continue your free access under your law school account. However once you received your new ID & password, you may customize it to the same as what you used in law school.