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Staying informed of breaking legal news and developments

 Stay on top of the latest laws, key rulings, transactions and litigation activity  in Canada  (Law360 Canada) or throughout North America (Law360).

  • Get alerts for developments in your areas of practice or key industries
  • Exclusive coverage and analysis from a legal perspective
Access to expert guidance for your areas of practice

 Practice more efficiently with support from Lexis Practice Advisor.

Lexis Practice Advisor provides precedents, checklists, flow charts, practice notes and much more, organized by practice area. Rely on expert content written and updated by Canada’s leading lawyers.

Training new lawyers

 Use Lexis Practice Advisor to set them up for success. Your new lawyers will have access to a wealth of information and be able to learn independently.

Lexis Practice Advisor includes:

  • Checklists for transactions
  • Comparison charts for different scenarios
  • Calculators and timelines
  • Summary introductions to new concepts
  • Sample contracts and documents
Simplifying your search for legal information and insight

 Lexis Advance Quicklaw provides you with best-in-class tools to:

  • find primary law
  • review secondary legal analysis
  • zoom in on the cases that matter
  • retrace the logic of your search, and
  • stay on top of legal news

Our case summaries, news coverage and secondary legal analysis, exclusive to LexisNexis Canada, give you an edge over other lawyers.

Generating new business for your firm

 Tap into a wealth of news with Newsdesk: 27,000+ licensed news sources, 80,000+ web news sources and 3.3M+ social media feeds.

  • Monitor legal trends from the U.S. and worldwide to serve clients who are impacted in Canada.
  • Discover companies affected by Canadian regulatory changes. Ask for their business before the regulators start asking them questions.
  • Find opportunities to broker relationships. Get alerted when key people move around and when financing news/rumors surface.
Vetting new clients and checking for conflicts of interest

 Lexis Diligence helps check clients for identity verification, financial stability, and conflicts of interest.

  • Avoid the legal penalties, costs and reputational damages that can result from connections with unethical business partners.
  • Automatically monitors and alerts you of relevant changes in client risk-level over time.
Becoming a trusted advisor to clients, by being one step ahead

 Use Law360 Canada, Canada's only daily legal news site, to start key conversations with clients based on new developments.

Earn their follow-on business based on your proactive recommendations.

Building more profitable relationships

 Unlike traditional CRM solutions, LexisNexis InterAction is built for the specific needs of law firms.

Traditional CRM solutions don't really address the one success factor that matters most for law firms: the number and strength of personal relationships.

LexisNexis InterAction helps you analyze and strengthen relationships, identify your best prospects, and understand what works best to influence them.

So you'll be able to win more opportunities, more profitably. And retain clients more easily. Learn more about InterAction at this webpage. (note: this link takes you from the LexisNexis Canada site to the North American InterAction site)

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Corporate Crime, Accountability and Social Responsibility in Canada, 3rd Edition

This book provides an understanding of corporate liability and accountability with regard to criminal and regulatory laws and offences that apply to Canadian corporations.

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