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Conduct due diligence on companies and PEPs with confidence.

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Mitigate risk with effective due-diligence

Gain in-depth understanding of companies and individuals that interact with your organization including clients, suppliers, contractors or partners.

Reduce bribery and corruption risk

Ensure your organization doesn't work with a blacklisted company that could put you at risk of fines and reputational damage.

Create detailed due-diligence reports

Demonstrate to regulators that your organization conducts appropriate due diligence and compliance audits.

Stay abreast of sanctions, watchlists an PEPs

Mitigate the risks of engaging in business with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or entities on terrorism or government sanctions lists with an enhanced due-diligence tool.

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With Nexis Diligence, you can:


The information you can access

    • Global news archive — Minimize reputational risk to your business by checking against more than 26,000 licensed news sources from international, national and regional newspapers, as well as magazines, journals, newswires and broadcast transcripts. With an archive going back over 40 years, you can feel more confident that you'll find key information.

    • Sanctions, watch lists and PEPs — Ensure your organization doesn't work with a blacklisted company, which would put you at risk of costly fines. Screen against 1,000+ sanctions and watch lists, including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI—and more than 1 million Politically Exposed Persons.

    • Company information — Verify a corporate entity and find out more about its business and management structure, financial health and M&A activity. Access 300+ databases of business information on public and private companies in developed and emerging markets.

    • Global content — Access business information on over 240 million public and private companies in developed and emerging markets.

    • Financial information — Experian financial scores help you make smarter assessments of customers, suppliers, prospects, new applicants, contractors, opposing parties and other third parties carrying the risk of bad debt, slow pay or default. This can help you make faster decisions, minimizing losses and ensuring your organization thrives in a competitive marketplace.

    • Legal history — Determine how litigious a person or company is or whether they're involved in ongoing litigation that could disrupt business effectiveness by accessing international court cases. Coverage includes data from Canada, U.S., UK, EU and selected Asian jurisdictions. Additional data on U.S. entities covers dockets, criminal histories, federal and state agency decisions, jury verdicts and settlements.

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