LexisNexis Canada Current Training Offerings

LexisNexis Canada Current Training Offerings

To best meet your training needs, LexisNexis Canada provides instruction on our products in a variety of formats, including:

  • Webinars: Instructor-led web-based sessions that take place online
    Please note: This offering is not optimized for Windows 10. Users on this version may experience some difficulty loading sessionsPlease discuss with your Trainer if you require additional assistance.
  • In-Person Training: Our professional team of trainers conducts sessions in our offices or yours
  • Self-Study Modules: A series of independent learning modules enables users to learn at their own pace, at a convenient time and location

Use the tabs below to access our current training offerings and register for one of upcoming webinars or in-person training sessions.  If none of the current offerings suits your schedule, please contact us at training@lexisnexis.ca  to book training for a convenient date and time.

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