General Law Practice Content

Lexis Advance Quicklaw: General Practice

A thorough collection of exclusive case digests that includes:

  • Full Collection of Canada Digests
  • Canadian Case Summaries
  • LexisNexis NetLetter Digests

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, including:

  • Business Corporations
  • Civil Procedure
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Offences and Defences
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Family
  • Employment
  • Infants and Children
  • Real Estate
  • Trusts
  • Wills and Estates

A selection of exclusive commentary and insights, forms, precedents, and content including:

  • Ontario Courtroom Procedure (Ferguson)
  • Ontario Superior Court Practice (Archibald, Killeen, Morton)
  • Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules
  • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Horne)
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst)
  • British Columbia Practice
  • The Practitioner’s Criminal Code (Gold)
  • Ontario Court Forms: Williston & Rolls
  • British Columbia Court Forms

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