Business Law Content

Lexis Advance Quicklaw: Business Law

A thorough collection of exclusive case digests that includes:

  • Corporations, Partnerships and Associations
  • Commercial Law
  • Canada Taxation
  • Canada Employment
  • Canadian Case Summaries

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, including:

  • Business Corporations
  • Charities, Associations, and Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Contracts
  • Income Tax
  • Partnerships

A selection of exclusive commentary and insights, forms, precedents, and content including:

  • Canadian Business Corporations Law (McGuinness)
  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
  • Canadian Franchise Law - A Practical Guide (So)
  • Counselling Corporations and Advising Businesses (Iacovelli and Lan)
  • Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary (Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP)
  • Executive Employment Law (Aust, Jenner, Bussières, Legendre, Laporte Aust and Bélair)
  • The Business in Transition – Making the Succession Plan Work (Bollefer and Malach)
  • Employment Law in Canada (Barnacle, England and Wood)
  • Residential Tenancies in Ontario (Fleming)
  • Shareholder Remedies in Canada (Peterson and Cumming)

The only Canadian text to cover liquor laws from coast to coast.

Liquor Laws of Canada provides a valuable analysis of the constitutional and economic contexts of Canadian liquor laws, giving readers a useful guide for understanding and interpreting the overall legislative framework.

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