Construction Law Content

Lexis Advance Quicklaw: Construction Law

A thorough collection of exclusive case digests that includes:

  • Canada Administrative Law Digest
  • Canada Construction Law Digest
  • Canada Contracts Digest
  • Canada Creditors and Debtors Law Digest
  • Canada Labour Arbitration Digest
  • Canada Labour Digest

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, including:

  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Administrative Law (Régimbald)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Contracts (Swan, Adamski)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Construction (Glaholt, Rotterdam)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Labour (Knight, Savoline, LeClair, Hudson, Pettit, Woods)

A selection of exclusive commentary and insights, forms, precedents, and content including:

  • Annotated Ontario Building Code Act
  • Bidding and Tendering - What is the Law? (Sandori, Piggott)
  • Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law
  • Canadian Construction Law Dictionary (Kirsh, Ivanoff)
  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
  • Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook (Silver, Furlong)
  • Construction Law in Canada (Ricchetti, Murphy)
  • Expert Evidence
  • Government Procurement (Emanuelli)
  • Kirsh and Alter: A Guide to Construction Liens in Ontario
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst)
  • Debtor/Creditor - Canadian Forms & Precedents
  • Municipal Law - Canadian Forms & Precedents


A step-by-step reference to help you understand the public procurement process.

Allan S. Cutler leverages his decades of experience in public procurement to shed light on the practice and procedure related to the bidding process and offer valuable insight and guidance.