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Search the world’s largest collection of patents

Research and analyze patent data and protect intellectual property quickly and easily with the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic patent databases, including images, citations, legal status, and patent family collections.

  • 100  Patent Authorities-32 in Full Text
  • Search in Original Language and in English
  • Search Asian collections in English Full Text
  • Use Semantic Search to explore freely
  • Jump to PatentOptimizer to dive into the documents
  • Understand competitors and acquisition targets through alerts
  • Analyze your research results quickly and easily
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100 Patent Authorities-32 in Full Text

  • Get access to more full-text patent resources than any other provider, representing the major patent authorities in the world, plus bibliographic information from 68 more authorities .
Search in Original Language and in English
  • Choose to search either in the language in which the patent was originally published or in machine-translated English from German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese. Russian patents can be searched in English.
Over 70 Million Compressed, Multi-Page, Searchable PDFs
  • Search and highlight items within the PDF and copy and paste text from the PDF to other applications.
Easy Access to Related Sources & Tools
  • Link directly from TotalPatent® to relevant resources including Chisum on Patents, CourtLink®, PatentOptimizerTM, Scopus®, Patent Research Task Pages and more.
Deepest Archive
  • Dig deeper and go back further than you can with any other provider. Research U.S. patents back to 1790, and many non-U.S. patents back to the 1800s.
English machine translations in full-text for all major non-English authorities including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Normalized assignee names
  • Use the standardized and normalized assignee names to do your analysis much easier and more reliable, since you will need to spend less effort cleaning your data and are less likely to miss information because of a different name variation.
Multiple Search Options
  • Choose from Guided, Advanced, Semantic, Notes, and Publication search forms. Plus create powerful and precise searches with a wide range of searchable fields with choices of operators and wildcards.
Analytics Tools
  • Create graphical maps and bar charts online, compare and analyze search results, and do offline analysis of results with 3D graphs and charts.

Can individuals download the software or does a firm’s IS department need to do this?
It depends upon whether your firm restricts users from downloading software on their own. Check with your IS department.

Are a user’s LexisNexis® TotalPatent® ID and password the same as their lexis.com® ID & password?
Yes. However, this is only activated if your firm is a subscriber to the LexisNexis® TotalPatent® service.

How often is the case law in the service updated? What is the coverage?
The case law coverage is updated quarterly. The coverage extends back to the creation of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in 1982.

Are there any charges beyond the subscription charge for the service?
Yes, additional charges can be incurred if you retrieve litigation dockets from the CourtLink® service or order Reedfax® file histories.

How is the patent analysis generated?
The service employs a number of sophisticated algorithms created specifically for LexisNexis® TotalPatent® that have been extensively tested.

What word processing programs and Web browsers does the service support?
The service currently supports Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Patent Applications
Learn how to take full advantage of the many features and benefits of LexisNexis® TotalPatent®. Whether you’re prosecuting or litigating, LexisNexis® TotalPatent® can help you mitigate legal risk and work more efficiently.

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