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We’re committed to the rule of law. Globally, LexisNexis helps the broader communities we serve and is committed to advancing the rule of law. The Rule of Law Report, is a free quarterly newsletter about rule of law-related subjects, published by LexisNexis Canada since 2018.

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The Legal Brief

The Legal Brief is a newsletter focusing on some of the most topical news items and resource recommendations for handling emerging legal issues.

Emerging issue covered in the next newsletter:
Moderna Inc. is now suing Pfizer and BioNTech for allegedly infringing on their patent for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna essentially alleges that Pfizer copied its chemical modification to the vaccine, and that they also copied their approach to encode their full-length spike protein. The matter is currently being litigated in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. For more details about the lawsuit, please review the Law360 Canada article below.

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Product Updates

For the Barristers

Probably the first thing you do when you start preparing a motion is start digging through your old files for a precedent. If you can’t find a good one there, you start asking your colleagues. But lawyers organize their files based on their clients, not based on the types of relief sought, and even if they do, their experience is that of just one person. With “Pleadings Motions and Facta” in Lexis Advance Quicklaw, just search for the relief you’re seeking and instantly find hundreds of quality court documents that have been filed in real cases. Affidavits, Draft Orders, Application Records, Notices of Action, Statements of Claim, Written Submissions, and more, are all fully keyword searchable and indexed by jurisdiction and topic. With the widest breadth of motion relief and cause of action coverage, you will be sure to find something that will shave hours off your drafting time.

Drafting isn’t the only thing that consumes time in litigation; keeping your cases, facts, issues and evidence organized and in a cogent picture can involve many hours of work, and worse yet, many of those hours are non-billable. See how Casemap Cloud reduces repetitive case review and admin work by up to 80%. See our CaseMap Cloud Video Below!

CaseMap Cloud

For the Solicitors

It’s trite to say that clients are expecting their solicitors to understand their business’ market; legal advice is business advice. The average M&A agreement has over 145 key negotiable deal points. Providing an insight as to what is standard in the market at any given time is crucial in good negotiating. Market Standards allows you to filter across thousands of publicly filed deals in the US and Canada on over 145 filterable deal points so that you go into negotiations knowing what your counterparty, and the market, is willing to bear.



Tips & Tricks

Did you know LexisNexis boasts a collection of more than 140 boards and tribunals from all jurisdictions?

When compared to Westlaw, fifty-seven of those administrative tribunals are unique to Lexis Advance Quicklaw. We pride ourselves on giving you more content than our competition! We also feature more databases with over

981,000 Canadian tribunal decisions, many of those you’ll find exclusively with us.

Most Employment lawyers already know that having access to this content is crucial, and with more lawyers needing access to Employment sources these days, Lexis Advance Quicklaw is here to help you navigate this area of practice. At the end of the day with access to LexisNexis’ boards and tribunals you’ll never fear missing an obscure decision and you’ll be able to better prepare by leaving no stone unturned when putting together your argument.

Head Straight to Content from your Jurisdiction

We recently updated our Explore Content pod to include a jurisdiction tab to ensure you can browse and search jurisdiction specific content easily. You now have every source and document at your fingertips that LexisNexis has to offer in one convenient location. This has been sorted based on user feedback and we didn’t stop there! We’ve categorized our in-depth catalogue of content by jurisdiction so you can easily access the materials that matter most to your research. The titles specific to the jurisdiction are listed so you can choose to search a specific title, content type or everything within that jurisdiction. Happy jurisdictional searching!

Interesting Reads

Explore Litigation from Trusted Legal Experts

These are some of the interesting Litigation titles we carry in our LexisNexis Bookstore if you are interested in taking a deeper dive with trusted insight and expert analysis.

Employment Law during a Pandemic
Employment Law during a Pandemic

Sean J. O’Donnell
$125  |  148 pages   Softcover  
January 2022  |  ISBN: 9780433509677

The Class Actions Handbook
The Class Actions Handbook

Michael A. Eizenga
$115  |  312 pages  |  Softcover
March 2022   ISBN: 9780433509301

Digital Asset Entanglement: Unraveling the Intersection of Estate Laws & Technology
Digital Asset Entanglement: Unraveling the Intersection of Estate Laws & Technology

Sharon Hartung & Jennifer Zegel
$80  |  192 pages   Softcover    
March 2022  |  ISBN: 9780433517269

The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada, 12th Edition
The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada,
12th Edition

James A. Fontana & M. David Keeshan
 |  1,808 pages   Hardcover    
December 2021  |  ISBN: 9780433506768

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