Canadian Legislative PULSE®

Legislation is continually changing and staying up to date with bills and regulations that impact your clients and business is time consuming and can be a hassle to manage day in and day out.

Canadian Legislative PULSE is an online Bill and Regulation tracking service that monitors across all Canadian jurisdictions daily. Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Legislative pulse provides:

  • Customized daily email alerts updating you on the progress of Bills, Acts and Regulations that you are tracking
  • Weekly activity notifications for Bills across all jurisdictions
  • A searchable, cross-jurisdictional database of all Bills dating back to 2002 and Regulations dating back to 2007.
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Email Notifications
Get relevant updates delivered to your email when you need them. Available notifications include:

  • New Bills
  • Affected Legislation
  • Customized Alerts
  • Weekly Bill Alerts
Custom Searching
Easily search through current or historical Bills and Regulations by Bill title, Chapter number, or affected statutes.

Ease of Use
Delivered online through a straightforward interface, you can login and manage your information from any web browser.

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