LexisNexis Law Student Associate Program

During the school year, our Law Student Associates help their peers with legal research and keep students informed on LexisNexis events, contests and offers.

About the Law Student Associates

Who are our Law Student Associates? Canadian law students just like you! They have been fully trained to use the LexisNexis suite of online research services and to pass that expertise on to others. Our Law Student Associates keep us connected with Canadian law students to ensure we provide you with the best tools and resources for your law school and professional journey.

Connect with a Law Student Associate to:

  • Develop essential research skills – associates offer training sessions to fellow students and free support and assistance in using LexisNexis tools. They teach you how to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Save time and reduce stress – associates will share individual and collective law student experience to help you deal with whatever challenges school assignments or exams throw at you.
  • Boost your employability – associates can direct you to research, practical tools and professional certifications to build your resume or win an interview.
  • Stay informed – associates will keep you informed on LexisNexis student events, contests, career opportunities, and legal research tips.
  • Earn while you learn – associates are equipped with LexisNexis STAR Rewards codes to award you with points and prizes for engaging with them and attending student events!

Meet Your Team

Dalhousie University Queen's University
Osgoode Hall Law School Lincoln Alexander School of Law
Université de Montréal University of Alberta
University of British Columbia University of Calgary
University of Manitoba University of Ottawa
University of Toronto University of Western Ontario
University of Windsor University of Victoria
McGill University
Oksana Romanov

Oksana Romanov, Lincoln Alexander School of Law

Email: oromanov@ryerson.ca |  @oksanaromanov |  @oksanaromanov |  LinkedIn

Favorite part of law school?

 I am a member of the Inaugural class at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law. I have had a great first year of law school, learning the foundations of Law and precedents while embracing the core pillars of my law school. These are the following: Diversity & Inclusion, Access to Justice, Technology, and Skills-based Learning. Thanks to the Integrated Practice Curriculum and professor/practitioner co-teaching model, I am excited to become practice-ready upon graduation.  
Hannah Lank

Hannah Lank, University of Toronto

Email: hannah.lank@mail.utoronto.ca |  Facebook |  @hannahlank |  @hannahlank |  LinkedIn

Favorite part of law school?

 Participating in the Walsh Family Law Moot! 
Shaniqwa Thomas

Shaniqwa Thomas, Dalhousie University

Email: shaniqwat@dal.ca

Favorite part of law school?

 I love that I’m continuously learning and growing both intellectually and personally. Second, I’ve loved the friendships, new experiences, and opportunities I have at my fingertips that have helped my legal journey in and outside of the classroom! 
Zara Narain

Zara Narain, Osgoode Hall Law School

Email: zaranarain2019@osgoode.yorku.ca |  Facebook

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Driven, Creative, and Compassionate. 
Hélène St-Louis

Hélène St-Louis, University of Ottawa

Email: hstlo036@uottawa.ca |  Facebook |   @lexisnexisuottawa |  LinkedIn

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Creative, Dedicated and Helpful. 
David Yun

David Yun, University of Western Ontario

Email: dyun6@uwo.ca |  @davidsyun |   @davidsjyun

Favorite part of law school?

 The people! The peers, mentors, colleagues, and friends that I have had the pleasure to meet have been so friendly and welcoming here at Western Law. They truly have enriched the experience by providing a sense of community. 
Ashley Bains

Ashley Bains, University of Manitoba

Email: bainsa1@myumanitoba.ca |  @ashley_bains |  LinkedIn

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Ambitious, Personable, and Independent. 
Aman Kular

Aman Kular, University of Victoria

Email: amanka@uvic.ca |  Facebook |   @amiiatwal |  LinkedIn

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Loyal, Passionate, and Curious. 
Saranjit Dhindsa

Saranjit Dhindsa, University of Calgary

Email: saranjit.dhindsa@ucalgary.ca |  Facebook |  @SaranDhindsa |  LinkedIn

Favorite part of law school?

 My favourite part of law school was, and always will be, the free pizza. Just kidding, it’s meeting people who also want to improve access to legal education and legal services, and create a more understanding legal institution that does not pride itself on deteriorating one’s mental health. 
Aaron Moizis

Aaron Moizis, University of Alberta

Email: amoizis@ualberta.ca

What you plan to accomplish as a LexisNexis Law Student Associate?

 I plan to promote LexisNexis products so students can launch their legal careers by studying smarter, not harder.  
Joanna Ludlow

Joanna Ludlow, University of British Columbia

Email: joludlow@gmail.com |  Facebook |  LinkedIn

Favorite part of law school?

 The people and the learning. 
Roxanne Beaucage

Roxanne Beaucage, Université de Montréal

Email: roxanne.beaucage@umontreal.ca |  Facebook |   @roxbeaucage |  LinkedIn

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Determined, Enthusiastic and Open minded. 
Nidhi Shelat

Nidhi Shelat, University of Windsor

Email: shelatn@uwindsor.ca |  Facebook |   @nidspeare |  LinkedIn

Three words to best describe yourself?

 Compassionate, Reflective, and Resilient. 
YoonHyun, Cho

Cho YoonHyun, Queen's University

Email: o y.cho@queensu.ca |  Facebook |  @accesstojustice.cho |  @ChoYoonhyun |  LinkedIn

Your inspiration?

 I am inspired in part by a desire to use what I learned to increase awareness and educate my friends and family, and in part to develop the skills that would allow me to speak truth to power, champion the underdog, and close the enormous gap between what is and what ought to be. 

Khadija, McGill University

Email: khadija.ahmed@mail.mcgill.ca |  @lexisnexismcgill

Favourite part about law school?

  Realizing how interconnected legal subject areas, jurisdictions and people are!  

LexisNexis Law Student Associate Recruitment

Work for LexisNexis as a Law Student Associate: Stand out from the crowd and become a master of our legal research tools. Act as a representative on and off campus for our online services and advise and support your fellow students with their legal research.

We are looking for enthusiastic first, second, or third year law students. Successful candidates will receive a competitive salary, full training and ongoing support. Applicants must be enrolled in a Canadian law school. Applications will be kept on file for one year and reviewed during recruitment season, between March and July of each year. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to lawschools@lexisnexis.ca with Law Student Associate Application in the subject line.

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