Media monitoring that cuts through the noise

Use Nexis Newsdesk™ — your all-in-one media analytics tool.

Find out what's buzzworthy

Consolidate fragmented media monitoring into a single solution for finding, analyzing and sharing media intelligence found in print and broadcast media, as well as social networks, thought-leader blogs, industry forums and more.

See data differently

Use built-in analysis and visualization tools to generate easy-to-digest, interactive charts that can be embedded on company sites or added to reports to ensure everyone gets the big picture.

Share insights quickly

Proactively manage the news cycle and distribute specific media coverage in order to drive informed, data-driven decision making across your organization.

Capture more relevant results

Uncover targeted, actionable information thanks to a combination of content enrichment through tagging, indexing and text normalization – and the editorial efforts of subject matter experts who help provide context.

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