Bringing Evidence To Life Was Never So Easy.

Sanction® litigation presentation software provides litigators with a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals and video that will be used to manage and present evidence throughout litigation, categorize them, and then create clear, polished and compelling presentation materials necessary for building a case.

Whether you are presenting at client meetings, mediation, settlement hearings or trial, Sanction® 4 litigation presentation software gives you greater flexibility, stability and ease of use.

  • Drag and drop to import documents, images, media and transcripts from your computer into Sanction.
  • Easily find source items for a presentation in your case folders.
  • Delete all annotations or exhibit stamps that were applied to an exhibit or to specific exhibit pages.
  • Generate media duration list reports. See total duration of media clips to be presented during a trial.
  • Apply exhibit stamps. Save significant time with automated application of exhibit stamps; you won’t need to manually apply exhibit stickers to hard-copy exhibits.
  • Update exhibit files. Automatically replace or add pages to an exhibit without having to reimport an entire exhibit.
  • Save time with new keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys), including Ctrl-J to advance presentation items from right to left like turning pages in a book.
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Sanction subscription maintenance includes “Call with Any Question Support” which means we welcome any of your questions; you’re not limited to technical issues alone. Our Customer Support team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service.

Customer Support contact:

  • Telephone support is available at 1-877-301-0344 from 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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