LexCanLearn Legal Research Certification
Registry of Successful Candidates

Join the many successful candidates who've completed the LexCanLearn Legal Research Certification Program.


First NameLast nameDate of CertificationCertificate NumberExpiry Date
Giacomo Barone May 1st, 2019 190001 May 1st, 2021
Jeff Morrison May 1st, 2019 190002 May 1st, 2021
Celia  Jutras May 2nd, 2019 190003 May 2nd, 2021
Sarah  Benedict May 2nd, 2019 190004 May 2nd, 2021
Megan  Young May 3rd, 2019 190005 May 3rd, 2021
Sinem Ersoy May 6th, 2019 190006 May 6th 2021
Victoria  Delle Donne May 6th, 2019 190007 May 6th, 2021
Christine Rocheleau May 8th, 2019 190008 May 8th, 2021
Dusan Vuksanovic May 10th, 2019 190009 May 10th, 2021
Isabelle Dion May 13th, 2019 190010 May 13th, 2021



* We intend for this to be an ongoing certification program due to the fact that products evolve over time. In order to keep your certification valid, please be advised that you may be asked to recertify, but no more often than every two years from successful completion date.