Attend the presentation entitled “21st Century Legal Services and the
T-Shaped Professional”


LexisNexis Canada, one of the leading providers of legal content and technology solutions and Law Made, a global innovation catalyst for the legal industry are presenting: "21st Century Legal Services and the T-Shaped Professional".

Who should attend?

Law students, lawyers and faculty members are invited to attend this series at Canadian and U.S. law schools.  

Why is this important?

This presentation focuses on the need to develop a more robust set of professional traits -- beyond core lawyering attributes. 

The traditional path of law firm practice is in decline and this presentation will highlight emerging industry trends – including where job growth will prevail in the coming years and how to prepare for new opportunities.

What will be discussed?

Attendees will enhance their understanding of the impact of technology by learning how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other innovations are changing the way legal services are provided and creating room for productized, efficient and accessible options for clients through an entirely new set of career options for legal professionals.  

Recognizing that 21st Century demand for traditionally trained lawyers is greatly exceeded by the supply, there is a significant and timely need for a new set of skills and mindset to be poised for success.

It’s time for an entrepreneurial class to drive innovation, improvement, transformation and possibly economic disruption to (and in) the legal industry. It is the era of lawyerpreneurs.

When and where is the presentation?

Please see the table below. If your law school is not yet listed and you’d like us to contact you when a presentation is confirmed at your school, please contact us at

Law School

Date and Time



University of British Columbia

February 13, 2018, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Allard Hall, Room 121


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