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CaseMap® 12

Litigation is becoming more and more complex. With CaseMap software, the industry’s leading case analysis tool, your trial team members can easily bring together all the critical facts, legal research, documents, cast of characters, questions and issues of the litigation into a central repository and then build their case by making connections they might otherwise miss.

CaseMap case analysis software provides a unique opportunity to maximize your case knowledge, conduct case analysis, enhance collaboration and differentiate your practice.

Casemap 12 introduces ediscovery tools for small to medium cases, with review, document production and redaction capacities. This brings the efficient workflow process from the larger and costly review tools into the hands of every practice.

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What's new in CaseMap 12:

CaseMap Answer Centre

The CaseMap® Answer Centre brings together in one place helpful topics and useful information on CaseMap and CaseMap SQL.

LexisNexis offers a variety of training options to help you learn more about the CaseMap suite of Case Analysis and Assessment products.

For a full listing of available courses, dates and times, please visit LexisNexis University 

Find a Certified CaseMap Trainer.

Complimentary Phone Sessions — Learn the Fundamentals

We offer 60-minute complimentary phone sessions to teach you the fundamentals of CaseMap. Each session is conducted one-on-one and is hands-on with the software.

Similar sessions are available via live webinars each week. To ensure individual attention, class enrollments are limited to 15. Call 904-273-5000 to sign up for either the one-on-one session or the weekly webinars.

Training Webinar - Hands on CaseMap Training: Reviewing Documents and Creating Affidavit of Document- Schedule A 

Complimentary Webinars

A collection of more than 50 prerecorded events are posted on the webinar centre. You are welcome to view the pre-recorded sessions anytime at no charge.

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