Lexis Advance Quicklaw Update
March 2019

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Now Available Explore Content on the French Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Platform

We are excited to announce that Explore Content has been added to the French Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® platform.

Explore Content provides easy access to LexisNexis Canada's industry leading sources and simplifies the pre-search selection process. By clicking on a link in Explore Content, you will automatically restrict your search and subsequent results to the Content Type, Legal Topic and/or Jurisdiction selected.

To access Explore Content on the French Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® platform:

  1. Select the Français icon at the top of your screen to toggle to the French platform.
  2. Browse the Explore Content options available and select the Content Type you would like to search (i.e. JurisClasseur Québec).
Explore Content

Coming Soon

Watch for Practice Area Pages and additional Content Types coming to French Explore Content in the near future.

Delivery Process Window Re-Design

Based on customer feedback we have re-designed the delivery processing windows to move away from pop-ups and adapt a simplified new design within the Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® platform. This new design eliminates pop-up messages within the delivery process protocol and improves the print, download and email process for all end users. 

Review of steps for print, download or email:

  1. Select the document(s) you are interested in
  2. Select your preferred delivery format (print, download, email … etc.). In the example below the Download option was selected.
  3. When prompted, use the tabs to customize settings. In the example below, under the Basic Options tab, the File Type selected was PDF. (Tip: Formatting Options can be used to add/remove: Cover Pages, First and Last Name on cover page and in footer; and Page Numbers).
  4. Then click on Download, Print or Email (i.e. below we are prompted to Download).
  5. A note appears in the bottom right corner in a black box indicating that the delivery option is processing.
  6. Once completed a prompt confirms completion of task, and link to the document appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Delivery Process Window Re-Design

New Advanced Search Form Now Available for Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums

A new Advanced Search Forms is now available for the Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums.  Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums is a comprehensive source of summaries regarding wrongful dismissal awards with coverage from 1997 to the present. This popular source covers all Canadian common law jurisdictions, and features content which has been organized according to the detailed LexisNexis classification scheme.  

The new Advanced Search Form provides easy-to-use drop-down menus and allows for focused and precise searching with regard to: the occupation of the employee; duration of employment; age of employee; notice period given; damages for mental distress awarded; aggravated damages; punitive damages; Wallace damages; and any reduction for failure to mitigate.  Options under Additional Segments/Fields include: case name, citation, date, judge, counsel and summary allowing for added filtering options when needed.

To access the new Advanced Search Forms for these quantum services:

  1. Enter the name of the quantum service you would like to search in the Red Search Box (i.e. Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums).
  2. The source title will appears in the word-wheel under Add Source as Filter, simply click the source title to select it, and it will be added as a filter.

  1. Then from the top right corner, above the Red Search Box, select Advanced Search. This will take you to the Advanced Search Form for the quantum service you opted to search. Use the options provided in the Advanced Search Form to restrict your search accordingly.

Coming Soon: Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums via Explore Content 

Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums will be added to the popular Explore Content pod in the near future.  This will provide easy access to the new Quantums Advanced Search Forms which were added to Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® with this release.

Enhancements to the Copy Citation Feature

Based on customer feedback we have enhanced the Copy Citation feature.  Now when the Copy Citation feature is used, periods will automatically be removed from the citation. This is in line with new formatting guidelines set out in the McGill Guide (9th Edition).

To use the Copy Citation Feature when viewing a document simply:

  1. Click Copy Citation icon (found at the top of the document).
  2. A Copy Citation to Clipboard box appears containing the citation with periods removed. Click the Copy & Close icon and paste the citation in the desired document.

Enhancements to French Advanced Search Forms

Based on feedback from our French users we have made enhancements to the French Advanced Search Forms resulting in improvements to prompts and watermarks within the search forms.  Changes were applied to all the French Advance Search Forms listed below.

  • Rechercher tout
  • Jurisprudence
  • Législation
  • Actualité
  • Formulaires et modèles
  • Dictionnaires
  • Encyclopédies juridiques
  • Traités
  • Revues de droit et périodiques

Enhancements to Academic Self-Registration Site

Based on feedback from our academic users we have made enhancements to our Academic Self-Registration Site that improve and streamline the overall registration process for law professors, librarians and law students.

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