Lexis Advance Quicklaw Update
June 2019

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Improved Navigation of QuickCITE® Records Divided into Parts

In 2019 we focused on a program to improve QuickCITE® navigation. We are pleased to say that June marks the end of the program, with a number of new features added to improve your QuickCITE® experience. You told us you had difficulty navigating a QuickCITE® record with multiple parts, and so we have introduced several key elements to facilitate an easier user experience. 

In summary, the following elements have been released:

  • When a user applies multiple filters to their QuickCITE® record, those filters will be applied across all parts of a QuickCITE® record that contain multiple parts.
  • Users will be able to identify which parts contain their filtered results and the number of citing cases in each part.
  • Applied filters are persistent, thereby removing the necessity of reapplying the same filters to each part.

These new elements to QuickCITE® will make navigating this content faster, easier and more efficient. 

Now Available – Enhanced Delivery Options

  1. Ability to Deliver Filtered QuickCITE® Records.

We are excited to announce that we have introduced functionality that enables users to deliver a QuickCITE® record after filters have been applied.

This delivery enhancement includes the ability to save the filtered QuickCITE® record within a folder, functionality that is uniquely available on Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®

  1. Ability to Deliver Full Text Citing Cases in Batches

Based on customer feedback, we are introducing a new feature that enables users to deliver full-text citing cases from within a QuickCITE® record.  Users can deliver up to 100 full text citing cases in the same session depending on the mode and size of delivery.  This saves time by eliminating the previous multi-step process and the necessity of having to individually check each citing case for delivery.

New Icons in QuickCITE® Record

Recognizing which cases users have saved or previously viewed will also be made easier with the introduction of two new icons to QuickCITE®.  

  • Cases in a QuickCITE® record that have been previously reviewed within the previous 90 days will be identified with an eyeglass symbol.
  • Cases that have been saved in a folder will be identified with a folder icon. Clicking on the folder icon will also provide pertinent details regarding which folder the case has been saved to. 

Improved Citation Recognition – Word Wheel

Our Word-Wheel now includes improved citation recognition making it faster and easier to access targeted cases. When users begin typing in a citation, several cases are populated within the Word-Wheel. Clicking on the correct one directs users to the case they’re searching for, making faster and easier to access our content. 

Help Screen Enhancement – Use of Parentheses

Our Help Screen Currently includes a page discussing "How multiple search connectors are evaluated". Our feedback illustrated that users would like some additional instructions regarding how parentheses can be used to change the order of connectors. These new instructions can now be found in Help Screen.

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