Lexis Advance Quicklaw Update
February 2020

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Explore Content – Evolution

We are delighted to introduce the redesign of the Main Content page of Explore Content, facilitating faster and simpler access to our most valued content. Users can easily identify some of the main resources that are available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw and easily access them through the available direct links. The content page has been reorganized into 4 categories: Cases, Current & Historical Legislation, Secondary Materials, and Popular Sources.

The links available under Cases are the same as our previous version and under Current & Historical Legislation, users have the option of searching or browsing Legislation as they did before, or hone-in directly on Acts, Regulations, Court Rules and Historical Legislation straight from this main page. Secondary Materials contain new quick links to Quantums, Drafting Materials, Current Awareness and Dictionaries. Popular Sources ensures that our most used resources are easily accessible.

Explore Content – Evolution – Quantums

Clicking on Quantums under Secondary Materials directs users to all 13 Quantums available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Advanced Search leverages a precision search experience for 5 of our most highly utilized Quantums so that researchers can engage in a specific and targeted search. Users who appreciated having the Advanced Search forms readily available on the main content page can save the forms as Favourites or save the links to the forms so they can maintain their direct and simple access.

Explore Content – Evolution – Drafting Materials

Drafting Materials contain critical resources from our Forms and Precedents collection. They cover a broad range of practice areas including Banking and Financing, Commercial Tenancies, Land Development and Wills & Estates. This content is easily accessible and simply searchable so that users can find valuable content that they can easily leverage within their files.

Explore Content – Evolution – Current Awareness

Our Current Awareness page consists of 75 English Netletters, 19 French Netletters and the content available on this page is projected to grow over the coming months! The Netletters cover a broad range of practice areas and keep users updated with current trends and changes in the law for a particular legal topic or practice area. Researchers have the option of searching all the content on this page or choose to search a specific Netletter or Netletters. Users can also save them as Favourites or set up an alert so that they are always in the know!

Explore Content – Evolution – Tables of Concordance & Reference Charts

Tables of Concordance are unique tools that enable the user to quickly and easily compare legislation across various Canadian jurisdictions. It organizes content by category so that users can quickly trace legislation across jurisdiction. This page also contains reference charts that outline critical information such as Common Sources of Directors’ Liability under various statutes. Over 30 Tables of Concordance and Reference Charts are available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw and now these resources are easily accessible through Explore Content.

Explore Content – Evolution – Smart Charts

Smart Charts are tools that are unique to LexisNexis which saves users’ time by identifying, organizing and analyzing legislative information across jurisdictions. It briefly outlines the section under review, provides users with links to the legislation under review and then direct users to additional commentary available. This exclusive tool is now easily accessible in Explore Content.

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