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Using the fastest legal generative AI with conversational search, drafting, summarization, document analysis, and linked hallucination-free legal citations.


AI Search That Interacts

Conversational Search
Collaborate with Lexis+ AI like you would a trusted colleague who intelligently and conversationally responds to your requests and refines answers.

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AI That Drafts

Draft in Moments
Go from blank page to arguments, contract clauses, and concise client communications, all grounded in authoritative content with remarkable speed, ease, and precision.

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AI That Summarizes

Accurate & Complete Summarization
Get the legal summary you need in seconds without clicking into a single search result.

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AI That Analyzes

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Extract and summarize key insights from firm documents in moments.


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responsible AI principles

RELX Responsible AI Principles

At LexisNexis and across RELX®, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world through our solutions. As we develop leading AI tools and analytics, we are removing unfair bias, we are accountable and can explain how our solutions work through human oversight, we respect privacy, and we champion robust data governance.