Create easy-to-access outlines and notes to sharpen your case analysis and assessment.

Build, edit and use outlines -with an electronic outline program that provides more functionality than word-processing software- to effectively process key facts from the high volume of documents typically produced during litigation.
  • Sharpen case analysis and assessment
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of service
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  • Sharpen Case Analysis & Assessment
    Brainstorm and hone your thoughts to better prepare for examinations for discovery, hearings, voir dire, opening statements and closing arguments–and much more!
  • Increase Productivity
    Create and annotate outlines so you save time and can focus on only the most vital legal issues and facts. Use your internal work product as the basis for court filings, examination and statement preparation.
  • Improve Quality of Service
    Generate work product that shows clients -as well as trial judges and juries–that you grasp the key issues and can represent them through well-prepared oral arguments, voir dire and more.

Customer Support

CaseMap subscription maintenance includes “Call with Any Question Support” which means we welcome any of your questions; you’re not limited to technical issues alone. Our Customer Support team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service.

Customer Support contact options:

Telephone support is available at 1-877-301-0344 from 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

You can also submit questions to us via e-mail at

  • Marked Notes
    Find and mark all notes containing search terms -and make persistent selections of critical notes. Use the gather feature to move and organize marked notes with ease.
  • Live Spell Checking & Autocorrect
    Right-click an unrecognized word and display a list of spelling suggestions. Simplify editing and outline creation with numerous keyboard shortcuts.
  • Full-Screen Mode
    Hide tool bars and other distractions when brainstorming on an outline–even use NoteMap® as a practical presentation tool!
  • Export Functionality
    Send outlines to Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect® with just one click. Export to PowerPoint® or Corel® as the basis of a presentation.

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