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In addition to the great content already available on Quicklaw, there are additional commentary and content packages that can be added to help tailor your legal research process.

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  American Law Reports and American Jurisprudence

  • American Law Reports (ALR) is a print reporter series that provides in-depth treatment of specific legal issues. Cited by more American courts than any other secondary resource in the United States, ALR includes thousands of in-depth articles authored by American lawyers that cover the entire breadth of U.S. law.

    With its overview of broad legal principles on civil, criminal and procedural law, American Jurisprudence (Am Jur) is an excellent starting point for research into U.S. law.
  Australia and New Zealand Primary Law Collection
The Australia and New Zealand legal collection on Quicklaw provides access to federal, state/territory case law and legislation.

  • Australian Law Reports consists of decisions of the High Court, and significant decisions of the Federal Court and the Supreme Court. It also incorporates the Northern Territory Reports and the authorized Australian Capital Territory Reports.
  • Australian Current Law delivers fast, complete notification of all superior court cases and legislative changes to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in these countries. All entries are consolidated by subject area and jurisdiction, making it quick and easy to locate relevant cases or legislation. Coverage extends back to 1976 for cases and to 1991 for legislation.
  • CaseBase Case Citator is a comprehensive case citator and annotator containing over 410,000 case entries. It covers more than 60 Australian and overseas report series and the unreported decisions of the High Court, the Federal Court, the Supreme Courts of all Australian states and territories, the Federal Magistrates Court, the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and other selected jurisdictions
  • New Zealand Law Reports is the official report series of New Zealand. It includes decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the Court of Appeal, and the High Court.
  • The Laws of New Zealand encyclopedia provides a reliable statement of the whole law of New Zealand — statutory, regulatory, and judicial.
  Halsbury’s Laws of England
Make your research more efficient with the only comprehensive narrative statement of the law of England and Wales and the most accurate citation authority used in the United Kingdom. It contains law derived from every source, written by or in consultation with leading practitioners and academics to ensure readers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • 50 volumes of Halsbury’s Laws of England and the most recent Annual Cumulative Supplement
  • Halsbury’s Statutes Citator to check for any subsequent repeal or amendment relating to over 7,600 statutes
  • Halsbury’s Statutory Instruments to trace statutory instruments of England and Wales (over 13,000 currently in force) by title or citation
  • Halsbury’s Is it in Force? contains the information needed to establish the exact commencement dates of Acts of general application in England, Wales, and Scotland, and Acts of the Scottish Parliament passed since 1960.
  Hong Kong Primary Law Collection
The Hong Kong legal collection provides access to case law from all courts and legislation as effective in Hong Kong. It includes:

  • Hong Kong Cases (since 1947)
  • Hong Kong Unreported Judgments (since 1982)
  • Hong Kong Public Law Reports (from 1994 to 2006)
  • Laws of Hong Kong
  International Forms & Precedents
An essential international collection of forms and precedents that maximizes productivity and effectiveness with the most authoritative and complete set of customizable documents from the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Forms are fully customizable according to your drafting needs
  • Expert guidance for completing forms and specific transactions to save you time when drafting and re-drafting documents
  • Concise and in-depth commentaries covering over 55 legal areas
  • Alternative clauses providing legal and practical background on a particular subject
Warren’s Forms (US)

This 8-volume set consists of numerous well-defined, well-prefaced forms covering nearly every transaction that litigators and solicitors will encounter in a business practice. The set serves as both a legal reference resource and a valuable drafting tool.

Each chapter contains introductory material that provides legal and practical background information pertaining to the particular subject, followed by complete forms and specific clauses.

Topics covered include business organizations, computer agreements, employment agreements, general business and commercial loans, real estate, and intellectual property and technology agreements. A special section on boilerplate clauses provides a selection of clauses from which the drafter may adapt to customize a form.

Atkin’s Forms & Precedents (UK)

The only encyclopedia of civil litigation forms, precedents and procedure available in the United Kingdom. It contains an unrivalled collection of the main procedural documents required in every civil proceeding before the courts and judicial tribunals of England and Wales, including:

  • Over 10,000 forms and precedents compliant with Civil Procedure Rules, drafted in a concise, modern, and authoritative manner
  • Expert commentary providing guidance through general and specialist court procedures
  • Forms fully annotated and cross-referenced to the appropriate paragraphs in the explanatory text
  • Handy checklists to help you avoid procedural errors

Encyclopedia Forms & Precedents (UK)

The most comprehensive source of transactional precedents in the United Kingdom, it covers almost every topic that both the specialist and non-specialist lawyer, in non-contentious fields of practice, are likely to encounter, including:

  • An unrivalled collection of 12,000 forms and precedents including drafting notes, alternate clauses and official forms.
  • Concise commentaries on the law as well as practical checklists and procedural tables
  • The Encyclopedia of Forms & Precedents Index containing the consolidated index to the Encyclopedia and the latest edition of the annual Form Finder.
  JurisClasseur (France)
A comprehensive collection of sources pertaining to the law of France comprising of primary and secondary material — case law, legislation, commentary, law journals, legal news and major encyclopaedic work on the law of France. It is THE most comprehensive reference on French and European law, including:

  • JurisClasseur Encyclopedia – Articles and analysis provided by legal experts. 60 sources organized by areas of practice
  • French doctrine – 145,000 bibliographic references in 130 law journals
  • Over 1 million full-text decisions – All decisions from the Cour de cassation, Conseil d’État, and administrative appeal courts dating back to 1960, with the key decisions dating back to as far as 1804
  • Legislation and the Journal Officiel
  • Law Journals, such as La Semaine juridique and Revue de droit fiscal
  • Les Dépêches – a current awareness product
  U.S. Primary Law Collection
The U.S. legal collection on Quicklaw provides access to a comprehensive spectrum of legislative information — state and federal — as well as federal and state case law, statutes, and regulations from over 1,300 sources to meet your primary research needs.

  • U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1790
  • U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decisions
  • U.S. District Court decisions since 1789
  • Decisions from bankruptcy courts; the U.S. Court of International Trade; tax courts; the U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals; the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals Cases; commerce courts; and military courts
  • State court decisions at all court levels for all 50 states and territories
  • All federal laws since 1988
  • Federal regulations: the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, and Federal Acquisition Regulations and Supplements
Plus: Shepard's® Citations Service- the premier case citation validation service available exclusively from LexisNexis. The Shepard’s service helps you easily confirm that your case law citation references are strong, accurate, and on point.
  U.K. Primary Law Collection
The U.K. legal collection on Quicklaw is the only electronic resource containing both of the leading U.K. case law resources — the All England Law Reports and The Law Reports. It also provides access to the UK legislation.

  • All England Law Reports is a general series comprising judgments with headnotes and catchwords from the House of Lords, both divisions of the Court of Appeal, and all divisions of the High Court. It contains cross-references and hyperlinks to other All England cases and legislation cited in the report. Cases from 1936 to date are included.
  • The Law Reports, published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) for England and Wales, covers all the important English cases reported since 1865. It covers the House of Lords and the Privy Council, the Court of Appeal, the Chancery Division, the Family Division, and the Queen's Bench Division, as well as the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the European Court of Justice.
  • Case Overview Citator allows you to search an extensive archive of case materials within seconds. The service includes cases from 1502 onwards and leading Commonwealth and European decisions.
  • Halsbury’s: “Is It in Force?” contains the information needed to establish the exact commencement dates of Acts of general application in England, Wales, and Scotland, and Acts of the Scottish Parliament passed since 1960.
Plus: Shepard's® Citations Service- the premier case citation validation service available exclusively from LexisNexis. The Shepard’s service helps you easily confirm that your case law citation references are strong, accurate, and on point.

Please note that a current Quicklaw account is required in order to access any of the content listed.

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  International Intellectual Property
This premium collection provides access to international caselaw, legislation and commentary to facilitate the Intellectual Property practice. Commentary includes the works of leading IP practitioners in the key jurisdictions.

  • US state and federal case law, IP statutes and regulations, UK caselaw
  • Analytical and secondary sources, including Matthew Bender titles, JurisClasseur France volumes and UK publications
  International Labour and Employment
A premium collection of US and UK caselaw, statutes and commentary in industrial relations and employment law. Labour and employment issues are integrally connected to business and trade. As business relationships become increasingly global it is essential for lawyers to understand where labour and employment laws will have an impact.

  • US state and federal caselaw, statutes and regulations
  • UK caselaw, statutes and regulations
  • Major labour and employment treatises from Matthew Bender®, including Larson on Employment Discrimination and Labor and Employment Law
  • UK analytical materials such as Harvey on Industrial Relations & Employment Law and Tolley’s Employment Law Service
  International Securities
Global securities information has had consistent appeal in Canada; this collection provides access to international caselaw, regulation and commentary to facilitate the practice.

  • US state and federal caselaw, statutes and regulations, including SEC decisions.
  • Matthew Bender publications
  • FSA Handbooks and ASX materials
  International Tax
A global perspective on tax law is essential in today’s commercial and tax law practices; this collection provides access to caselaw, legislation and commentary to support practitioners. The commentary, exclusive to LexisNexis, provides practical analysis and insight from Matthew Bender analytical content and Butterworths UK bibles like Simon’s and Tolley’s titles.

  • US state and federal case law, tax statutes and regulations
  • Extensive collection of treatises and analytical material, including Matthew Bender publications and authoritative Butterworths UK titles such as Tolley’s and Simon’s treatises
  • Valuable US and UK forms and precedents
  • UK caselaw, tax statutes and regulations
  • Australia, New Zealand and Hong Honk caselaw

Please note that a current Quicklaw account is required in order to access any of the content listed. Sources are subject to change without notice.

Tap into the broadest collection of news, business, and industry sources available online and get instant access to over 12,000 of the most influential Canadian and global newspapers, newswires, trade and industry publications, magazines, and radio and television transcripts.

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Keep current with news headlines and stories from across Canada and around the globe delivered in multiple languages.

  • Same-day and archival coverage from the world’s most respected newspapers, including:
    • The Wall Street Journal®
    • The New York Times®
    • The Globe and Mail™
    • National Post™ (including the Financial Post and FP Investing)
    • South China Morning Post,
    • The Times (London),
    • La Presse Canadienne,
    • Les Echos (France)
    • Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
    • as well as local, national, and international newspapers, and premium titles such as CCH®, National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and Mealey's™
    • 200+ newswires, including a combination of 50 that you can't find together on any other online service, such as:
      • Canada NewsWire
      • The Canadian Press
      • The Associated Press
      • Reuters®
      • Datamonitor NewsWire
      • Financial Wire
      • Radio and television transcripts from the CBC, CTV, Nouvelles Télé-Radio (NTR), the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX — and 100+ more
      • More than 300 Influential full-text blogs
Conduct thorough due diligence and monitor happenings at clients, competitors and prospects, with: Data on 200,000 private U.S. companies, plus 30,000 companies from Asia and the Pacific Rim, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and North and South America

  • Millions records on Canadian businesses from Canada Business Directory
  • Robust company profiles and analysis from Dun & Bradstreet®, Dow Jones®, Hoover’s®, Standard & Poor’s®, Moody’s®, and more
  • SEC filings from LIVEDGAR
  • Historical Quotes with coverage back to 1970 providing historical pricing of a stock or bond
  • Multex Market Guides - the premier source of quality financial and business intelligence information on companies around the world
Stay on top of trends and market conditions in the energy, oil and gas, financial services, industrial/manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors - and virtually every other industry with:

  • 3,200 magazines plus “must-read” industry sources such as The Economist, Marketing Magazine (Canada), Finanz und Wirtschaft, Satellite News, Computerworld, the Oil & Gas Journal, and more
  • Over 600 Canadian periodicals from Canadian Business and Current Affairs providing full-text, abstracted, and indexed access to publications covering current affairs, company, market, and industry information including CAmagazine, CMA Management, the Canadian HR Reporter, Canadian Insurance, ComputerWorld Canada, Ivey Business Journal Online, Summit, and more

Please note that a current Quicklaw account is required in order to access any of the content listed. Sources are subject to change without notice.

Designed to address the needs and realities of current legal practice in Quebec, this add-on package provides the resources you need to protect the rights and assert the interests of your Quebec clients or your clients with dealings in Quebec.

Indispensable French-language publications in all major areas of practice: civil Law, employment Law, business law, criminal Law and public Law

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  JurisClasseur Québec Encyclopedia
Gain access to the 25 volumes of JurisClasseur Québec authored by subject matter experts and updated twice per year.

LexisNexis Canada was selected by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) as the 2014’s recipient of the Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing for its JurisClasseur Quebec legal encyclopedia.
  • JCQ Droit civil - Biens et publicité des droits
  • JCQ Droit civil - Contrats nommés 1
  • JCQ Droit civil - Contrats nommés 2
  • JCQ Droit civil – Droit International privé
  • JCQ Droit civil - Obligations et responsabilité civile
  • JCQ Droit civil - Personnes et famille
  • JCQ Droit civil - Preuve et prescription
  • JCQ Droit civil - Procédure civile I (art. 1 à 524)
  • JCQ Droit civil - Procédure civile II (art. 525 à 1051)
  • JCQ Droit civil - Successions et libéralités
  • JCQ Droit civil - Sûretés
  • JCQ Droit des affaires - Droit des sociétés
  • JCQ Droit des affaires - Faillite, insolvabilité et restructuration
  • JCQ Droit des affaires – Propriété intellectuelle
  • JCQ Droit des affaires - Valeurs mobilières
  • JCQ Droit du travail - Rapports individuels et collectifs du travail
  • JCQ Droit du travail - Santé et sécurité du travail
  • JCQ Droit pénal – Droit pénal général
  • JCQ Droit public – Droit administratif
  • JCQ Droit public - Droit constitutionnel
  • JCQ Droit public – Droit de l’environnement
  • JCQ Droit public – Droit municipal
  LegisPratique Collection
Titles built by leading practitioners in Quebec to provide guidance, advice and commentary to assist lawyers in practising law every day. The collection is currently comprised of the following titles:

  • LegisPratique - Code de procédure civile annoté
  • LegisPratique - Droit de la famille - Jurisprudence en tableaux
  • LegisPratique – Recours et procédure en appel (recipient of the Walter Owen award in 2012)
Over 10 monographs authored by leading authorities in Quebec to provide the information that you need.

  • De la détermination de la peine - Principes et applications
  • L'appel en droit criminel et pénal
  • L'injonction et les ordonnances Anton Piller, Mareva et Norwich
  • La gestion et la responsabilité des terrains contaminés au Québec
  • La preuve électronique au Québec
  • Le devoir de juste représentation
  • Le droit de l'interprétation bilingue
  • Le droit des technologies de l'information au Québec
  • Les infractions d'ordre moral en droit criminel canadien
  • Précis d'interprétation législative - Méthodologie générale, Charte canadienne et droit international
  • Le devoir de coopération dans l’exécution du contrat
  • Vente internationale dans la pratique (Darankoum)

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