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New Titles
Providing additional legal information and insight, these new titles include:

  • Expert commentary
  • Administrative requirements in running a law firm
  • Tables of concordance, roadmaps, or smart charts
  • Case digests
  • Legislation
Comprehensive Law Reporters

  • Canadian Employment Safety & Health Guide
  • Canadian Employment Benefits & Pension Guide
  • Canadian Labour Law Reporter
  • Canadian Estate Administration Guide
  • Canadian Family Law Guide
  • Canadian Stock Exchanges Manual
  • Canada Corporations Law Reporter
  • Canadian Commercial Law Guide
  • Canadian Corporate Secretary’s Guide
  • Ontario Corporations Law Guide
  • Alberta Corporations Law Guide
  • British Columbia Corporations Law Guide
  • The Directors Manual
  • Canadian Insurance Law Reporter (archival & current cases)
  • Ontario Accident Benefit Case Summaries
New Content

New to Quicklaw is additional commentary that provides jurisdictional insight for both legislation and case law along with summaries of your practice area. These interactive tools allow you to quickly locate information across several topics and include:
  • Roadmaps
    • Providing a head start on research, use a roadmap to gain a quick summary of any area of law, highlighting the primary areas of focus. Quickly view any associated commentary with embedded links directing you to the tools needed to complete your research.
  • Smart Charts & Tables of Concordance
    • Quickly compare information and legislation across jurisdictions and narrow down results to the information that you are concerned with.
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Your subscription to LexisNexis® Quicklaw® Library includes:

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  Case Law

  • Judgments from all levels of court from all Canadian courts
  • All Canadian board and tribunal decisions
  • Canada Tariff Board Reports
  • Canadian Insurance Law Reporter
  • Canadian Native Law Reporter
  • Dominion Tax Cases
  • Exchequer Court Reports
  • Federal Courts Reports
  • Ontario Reports
  • Supreme Court Reports

  • Current consolidated and annual provincial, territorial and federal statutes (including entire-act versions and section versions), regulations and rules of court
  • All historical legislation, and repealed statutes and regulations
  • Point-in-time versions of legislation
  • Ontario Securities Commission regulatory materials
  • International treaties, NAFTA
  QuickCITE™ Citators

  • QuickCITE™Case Citator
  • QuickCITE™ Legislation Citator
  Exclusive Case Digests

  • The Canada Digest
  • Canadian Case Summaries
  • Résumés de décisions québécoises
  Legal Encyclopedia

  • Full online collection of Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada (117 titles)
  Text and Treatises

  • A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements (Vereshack)
  • Administrative Law in Canada (Blake)
  • Alberta Limitations Manual
  • An overview of Canadian Mining Taxation (Calverley)
  • Annotated Ontario Building Code Act (Mascarin, Levitt)
  • Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act (Weinper, Direnfeld, Greene, Pearson, Richardson and Tuck-Jackson)
  • Aviation Liability Law (Dempsey)
  • Bidding and Tendering Law – What is the Law? (Sandori, Piggott)
  • British Columbia Family Law Practice (Huddart and Brown)
  • British Columbia Limitations Manual
  • The Business in Transition – Making the Succession Plan Work (Bollefer and Malach)
  • Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary (Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP)
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law (McGuinness)
  • Canadian Civil Procedural Law (Abrams, McGuinness)
  • Canadian Collective Bargaining Law (Rayner)
  • Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law
  • Canadian Construction Law Dictionary (Kirsh, Ivanoff)
  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
  • Canadian Extradition Law Practice (Botting)
  • Canadian Environmental Law (Lucas et al.)
  • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Home)
  • Canadian Franchise Law – A Practical Guide (So)
  • Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice (Waldman)
  • Canadian Lawyer’s Internet Guide (Eisen)
  • Canadian Mining Law (Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP)
  • Canadian Oil and Gas (Bankes)
  • Canadian Patent Law (Perry, Currier)
  • Canadian Securities Regulation (Johnston and Rockwell)
  • Canadian Tort Law (Linden and Feldthusen)
  • Canadian Trademark Law (Scassa)
  • Castel & Walker – Canadian Conflict of Laws (Walker)
  • Class Actions Law and Practice (Eizenga, Peerless, Wright and Callaghan)
  • Commercial Insolvency in Canada (McElcheran)
  • Counselling Corporations and Advising Businesses (Iacovelli and Lan)
  • Constitutional Law of Canada, 8th ed. (Magnet)
  • Constitutional Law of Canada, 9th ed. (Magnet)
  • Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook (Silver, Furlong)
  • Construction Law in Canada (Ricchetti, Murphy)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – A Legal Analysis (Kerr, Janda, Pitts)
  • Counselling Corporations and Advising Businesses (Iacovelly and Lan)
  • Director and Officer Liability in Corporate Insolvency (Sarra, Davis)Drafting Trusts & Will Trusts in Canada (Kessler and Hunter)
  • Employment Law in Canada (Barnacle, England and Wood)
  • Employment Litigation Manual (Knight, Goodfellow and Overholt)
  • Environmental Regulation in Canada (Carter-Whitney)
  • Executive Employment Law (Aust et al.)
  • Family Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice (Landau, Wolfson and Landau)
  • Federal Limitations Manual
  • Feeney’s Canadian Law of Wills (MacKenzie)
  • General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law (Billingsley)
  • Government Procurement (Emanuelli)
  • Hughes on Copyright and Industrial Design (Hughes, Peacock and Armstrong)
  • Hughes on Trade Marks (Hughes, Ashton and Armstrong)
  • Hughes & Woodley on Patents (Hughes, Clarizio and Armstrong)
  • IFC Performance Standards on Environmental & Social Sustainability (Torrance)
  • Immigration Law and Practice (Waldman)
  • Impaired Driving in Canada (Kenkel)
  • Insurance Bad Faith (Hilliker)
  • Insurance Company Act, Legislation & Commentary (Rubenstein, Gormley)
  • Intellectual Property Management – Best Practices (Ramsay)
  • Manual of Oil and Gas Terms (Williams & Meyers)
  • Modern Constitutionalism: Identity, Equality, Democracy (Magnet)
  • Liability Insurance Law in Canada (Hilliker)
  • McLachlin & Taylor – British Columbia Practice (Irvine)
  • Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules (Thompson)
  • Ontario Courtroom Procedure (Ferguson)
  • Ontario Energy Law: Electricity (Clark, Stoll, Cass)
  • Ontario Family Law Practice (Steinberg, Perkins, Lenkinski and James)
  • Ontario Insurance Law and Commentary (Teitelbaum)
  • Ontario Limitations Manual
  • Ontario Litigators Pocket Guide to Evidence (Morton)
  • Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Practice Manual (Firestone)
  • Ontario Superior Court Practice (Archibald, Killeen and Morton)
  • Palmer & Snyder – Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada (Bendel et al.)
  • Procedural Strategies for litigators in Alberta (Cascadden)
  • Procedural Strategies for litigators in British Columbia (Bennett, Goulden)
  • Ramsay on Technology Transfers (Ramsay)
  • Real Estate Practice in Ontario (Donahue, Quinn and Grandilli)
  • Residential Tenancies in Ontario (Fleming)
  • Sale and Supply of Goods (McGuinness)
  • Sentencing (Ruby, Chan and Hasan)
  • Shareholder Remedies in Canada
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant – The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman and Fuerst)
  • The Canadian Brownfields Manual (Abdel-Aziz, Chalifour)
  • The Canadian Law of Mortgages of Lands (Roach)
  • The Doctrine of Res Judicata (Lang)
  • The Law of Limitations (Mew)
  • The Law of Nuisance in Canada (Pun, Hall)
  • The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada (Fontana and Keeshan)
  • The Law of Treaties Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Crown in Canada (McCabe)
  • The Oil & Gas Extractive Industries (Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP)
  • The Oil and Gas Lease in Canada (Ballem)
  • The Practitioner’s Criminal Code (Gold)
  • Title Searching and Conveyancing in Ontario (Moore)Wilson on Children and the Law (Wilson)
  • Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual (Mole, Stendon)
  Key Quantum Digests

  • Full collection of Canadian Quantums
  Domestic and International Law Journals

  • 900 + titles from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and New Zealand
  News and Business

  • Mega News, Canadian Publications, including:

    • The Globe and Mail
    • National Post
    • The Bottom Line
    • The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Times (London) and much more

  • Canadian Law Symposia Index
  • Index to Canadian Legal Literature
  Value-Added Tools

  • QuickFind™ with Auto Link
  • Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher
  • Canadian Legal Words & Phrases
  • Barron’s Canadian Law Dictionary

Your subscription to LexisNexis® Quicklaw® Library includes:

Click on a subject for details
  Case Law

  • U.S. federal and state caselaw, including the Shepard’s® Citator Service
  • U.K. caselaw, including the All England Law Reports and The Law Reports, the Case Overview citator
  • Australia and New Zealand federal, state and territory caselaw, including the CaseBase citator
  • France caselaw (JurisData & Cours suprêmes)
  • Hong Kong caselaw

  • U.S., U.K., France, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong legislation
  Text and Treatises

  • JurisClasseur (France) Encyclopedia
  • U.S. and U.K. authoritative publications, including Matthew Bender and Tolley’s titles
  Forms and Precedents

  • Encyclopaedia Forms and Precedents (U.K.)
  • Atkins Court Forms (U.K.)
  • Warren’s Forms of Agreements (U.S.)

  • QuickFind™ with Auto Link
  • Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher
  • Canadian Legal Words & Phrases
  • Barron’s Canadian Law Dictionary

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