The Bottom Line

Canada’s Number-One Publication for Targeting Canada’s Accounting and Financial Professionals

The Bottom Line is an independent and specialized business periodical that keeps accredited professional accountants, financial managers, and consultants abreast of news, trends, and technology within the industry.

The Bottom Line was established in 1985 as the only fully independent publication serving the memberships of all three major governing bodies for the accounting profession.

The Bottom Line is an indispensable research tool for thousands of accountants and financial professionals across the country. It delivers critical news and information on everything from significant tax court decisions, accounting, and financial reporting standards, to industry trends, strategies, issues, and events that affect the accounting profession.

With 16 issues annually, complete with special added focus topics, informed commentary, and expert analysis, The Bottom Line is the foundation you need to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

For over 25 years The Bottom Line has been Canada’s number One publication for targeting Canada’s Accounting and Financial Professionals with a distribution of 31,000 each issue and more than 66,000 readers.

Save time and money by getting the information you need from a single source, and be secure in the knowledge that it’s accurate, reliable, and complete.

View Forensic Accounting and Fraud Magazine, published twice a year with The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line is Canada’s Canada’s premier national news source for accounting and financial professionals. To advertise with us, please see the Resources at the bottom of this page.

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