Transform case facts into high-quality visual timelines to enhance case analysis and communication.

Easily create compelling timelines in seconds -with the industry-leading timeline graphic software for greater impact at trials or to help you visually analyze, understand and communicate the facts in your case. No graphic expertise required!

  • Enhance case analysis and communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of service
  • Control your litigation costs
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  • Enhance Case Analysis & Communication
    Simplify case facts into clear, understandable timeline visuals that help you, clients and courtroom players quickly grasp vital case facts.
  • Increase Productivity
    Quickly and efficiently create a variety of work product–including practical timelines for client meetings and examinations for discovery as well as courtroom exhibits and graphics for court filings and documents.
  • Improve Quality of Service
    Impress clients -as well as trial judges and juries- with your ability to present myriad complex case facts in a polished, professional manner.
  • Control Your Litigation Costs
    Use the practical graphs in many of your litigation tasks-while keeping production costs at pennies!

  • Pre-Set Templates
    Just add your case facts to a simple spreadsheet and select from over 30 pre-set templates -the tool handles the rest by organizing text, sizing pictures, applying colors, fonts and more.
  • Automatic Changes
    Switch dates, add photos and make many other changes in one step, and the entire timeline is automatically revised–a level of flexibility, automation and ease of use only available with TimeMap®.
  • CaseMap® Export
    Send pre-generated sets of facts from our LexisNexis® CaseMap® software to TimeMap- and keep facts in synch and data entry to a minimum.
  • Send to Microsoft® PowerPoint®
    Quickly develop slide shows with separate slides for each fact in the timeline. Use a built-in PDF writer to generate timeline graphs in PDF format for easier client review.

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