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Solo Lawyer Spotlight

Hena Singh
Partner, Singh Lamarche LLP
Employment Law & Workplace Investigation

Hena Singh

Hena Singh, B.A., M.A., LL.B., is one of the founding partners of Singh Lamarche LLP, a boutique employment law and workplace investigation firm in downtown Toronto. Hena is a widely recognized employment lawyer and workplace investigator and regularly assists clients with workplace issues of all types – from the contemplation of the creation of an employment relationship, to assisting in its continuation, as well as termination. Hena is the recent author of the book A Practical Guide to Conducting Workplace Investigations. Hena is a frequent presenter on various employment law and workplace investigation topics.

We asked Hena about her background, practice and the challenges that she faces as a solo practitioner.

"Time management is always a perfectly unaccomplished goal. Given the nature of our practice, your day can change very quickly with one phone call. "

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Traditional Aboriginal Practices Leave (Federal)


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Practice Trends

Improve your digital wellness

For legal professionals, using online information tools for focused business goals such as case law research has resulted in huge costs savings for clients. And while these tools and information continue to grow at an explosive rate, our ability as humans to process the technology flood remains unchanged. Read full article »


When employment contract frustrated, employer’s duty to accommodate ends

Employers are often unclear about their rights with respect to employees who have disabilities and are absent from work for prolonged periods of time. Katz et al. v. Clarke 2019 ONSC 2188 (Divisional Court) addressed the scope of the employer’s duty to accommodate an employee that has a permanent disability. Read full article »


Why cannabis users still head for black market

CBD is now accessible for both medical and recreational purposes under the conditions outlined in the conditions and regulations provided by Canadian federal law. However, Canada’s historic steps in legalizing cannabis did not lead to the disappearance of black-market marijuana. Read full article »

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A Practical Guide to Conducting Workplace Investigations

Written by an experienced employment lawyer, this is an authoritative guide for dealing with the most common elements of workplace investigations, including general principles and best practices.

Hena Singh (Author)

Published: May 09, 2019

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