Lexis.com Per Search Pricing-Legal

CANADA Per Search Pricing (For Legal Markets)
December 2012

This Price Schedule is effective as of December 1, 2012, and continues until Subscriber is notified under Section 9.  Subscriber may review the prices of the individual components online by consulting the Price Definitions and Price List via the Classic Online Services using LexisNexis communications software under the administrative identification number QVR2K9E, or for more information on search charges on lexis.com or nexis.com, Subscriber may click the “i" icon next to an individual source to display information on that source including the price for searching, at no cost to Subscriber for access or printing.  

1.1 SEARCHES.   Charges range from CN$0 to CN$183.00 per search.  Consult the Price List available in the Online Services for detailed search charges.

   The discount schedule set forth below applies to Subscriber’s search charges for each monthly invoice period.  The search discount is computed monthly is based on the average number of searches conduced by Subscriber in the three month period beginning four months before the month of the invoice.  Search discounts do not apply to (i) Continuous Alerts (set up and delivery), (ii) Courtlink, (iii) Delaware Secretary of State, (iv) Dun & Bradstreet Reports (v) Edgar Gateway Search, (vi)Elsevier Science, (vii) FactSet, (viii) Historical Stock Quotes, (ix) MarkIntel, (x) Premium News, or (xi)  SciTech, nor will any of the foregoing be included in computing the average number of searches used to determine any search discount.
    From 0 up to 400.......................................................................0%
    Over 400 up to 800...................................................................4%
    Over 800 up to 1600.................................................................7%
    Over 1600 up to 2000.............................................................10%
    Over 2000 up to 2500.............................................................15%
    Over 2500...............................................................................22%

For any searches using more than one source (“Combined Search”), Subscriber will be charged the individual source rates of each Combined Search component selected, up to a maximum of CN$628.93 per search, except for BNA, CCH and SciTech materials which are not included in the capped amount.

Charges Eclipse Report searches (accessed through LexisNexis Research Software) or LexisNexis® Alert searches (accessed through LexisNexis at www.lexis.com) are based on the frequency of execution, according to the table below.  ECLIPSE or LexisNexis Alerts prints are subject to applicable printing rates. 
Frequency                                                                Each Report
Manual Alert*                                                                  CN$6.28
Hourly*                                                                             CN$4.71
Daily                                                                                    CN$20
Intra-Day 2x                                                  CN$10 each (CN$20)
Intra-Day 3x                                                  CN$10 each (CN$30)
Business Day (M-F)                                                             CN$25
Business Day (M-F) 2x                                  CN$25 each (CN$50)
Business Day (M-F) 3x                                  CN$25 each (CN$75)
Weekly                                                                                 CN$30
Twice a Week                                                                       CN$29
Monthly                                                                                CN$40
Update Now    Price based on the frequency of the Alert being updated

*nexis product only

                                                    EACH CASE/CITATION/REPORT
Shepard's® Table of Authorities Report                CN$1.00/report
Auto-Cite® service                                                   CN$6.25/cite*
Shepard's® Citation Service                 CN$6.25/cite/SHEPARD’S*
                                                     CN$5.50/cite/SHEPARD’S Jump
Shepard’s® Alert Set-Up                                          CN$2.00/cite*
Shepard’s® Alert Update                                         CN$6.25/cite*
*Includes printing and downloading charges.

Single Document Retrieval           Standard Content          Premium Content**
 through LexisNexis™ at www.lexis.com

via embedded link
       (excluding Document Links)            CN$3.00/link                     CN $25.00/link
via Get a Document by citation             CN $3.00/link                     CN $25.00/link
through LexisNexis Research Software
via LEXSEE® service                               CN $3.00/link                      CN $25.00/link
via LEXSTAT® service                             CN $3.00/link                      CN $25.00/link

                                                      Standard Content             Premium Content**
TOC Document Linking                          CN $3.00/link                      CN $25.00/link
Brief, Pleadings and Motions               CN $35.00/link                      CN $35.00/link
Tax Practice Insights                             CN$11.79/link                       CN$11.79/link
Elsevier Science                                    CN$39.31/link                        CN$39.31/link
Nimmer                                                      CN$125.79                              CN$125.79
West Jur                                                         CN$3.00                                  CN$3.00
Tax Analyst                                                    CN$3.00                                  CN$3.00

** Premium content consists of materials from BNA, CCH, Matthew Bender and Mealey’s.


Standard Content                                                              CN $8.65
Premium Analytical                                                         CN $23.58
CCH                                                                                 CN $78.62
Base Analytical                                                               CN $23.58
BNA                                                                                 CN $23.58

1.5 AUTOMATIC DISPLAYS Range from CA$0-CA$196.54.  

                                                                                   Each Quote
    Historic Price Quotes                                                 CN$0.24*
    Historic Dividend Quotes                                           CN$0.39*
              *Includes printing and downloading charges.

      Through LexisNexis at www.lexis.com

Historical Quotes……………………………….CN$0.47 per day per quote

The prices for Historical Quotes through LexisNexis at www.lexis.com will be CN$0.39 per day per quote.  Results will be formatted for viewing in a tabular format and can be formatted for printing and printed to the user’s local printer at no additional charge.  To download the results to CSV (spreadsheet/Excel format), the charge will be CN$3.15.  To receive a chart, the charge will be an additional CN$1.60.  For each additional company added to the charge for comparison the cost will be CN$1.60.

Document delivery charges for offline printing, online printing, emailing and faxing are as follows.  The per page rates only apply for documents with electronic pagination.

MATERIALS                                                PRINTING AND SAVING TO DISK CHARGES
All materials except as provided below                                    CN$7.50 per document*
All Public Records materials                                                      CN$7.50 per document*
Securities Data Company materials       CN$25.00 per document or CN$2.00 per page
DISCLOSURE® Online Database             CN$25.00 per document or CN$2.00 per page
Worldscope                                             CN$25.00 per document or CN$2.00 per page
EIU  Newsletters                                                                         CN$6.00 per document
EIU Business Intelligence Reports                                           CN$12.00 per document
EIU Country Analysis Reports                                                   CN$25.00 per document
EIU Profile & Reports                                                                CN$40.00 per document
EIU Forecasting and Risk Reports                                             CN$75.00 per document
Briefs, Pleadings & Motion                                                       CN$39.31 per document

1.8  IMAGES.
Image charges are as follows per image retrieved, including print:
                                                                                              EACH IMAGE
Anatomical Transparencies                                                          CN$0.00
JurisCharts:  Tax                                                                            CN$0.00
JurisCharts with Analysis:  Tax                                                     CN$0.00
Trademark design images                                                             CN$0.00
Patent exemplary drawing images                                               CN$0.00
Mealey                                                                                          CN$0.00
Elsevier Environmental                                                                 CN$7.86
Patent Images – US Domestic                                                      CN$4.72

IHI patent images – International                                                 CN$9.43
Elsevier Business                                                                          CN$9.43
McClatchy Graphics                                                                      CN$9.43
Newscom, LL                                                                               CCN$9.43
Patent Family Reports                                                                   CN$9.43

Forms                                                                                          CN$11.79
ISO Policy Forms                                                                         CN$39.31
Miller’s                                                                                        CN$39.31
Legal Developments Forum                                     CN$39.31-CN$338.05

Legal Developments Forum: Expert Commentary      CN$39.31-CN$78.62
All Case Law Jurisdictions – Case in Brief                                  CN$78.62
Briefs, Pleadings & Motions                                                       CN$78.62
Legal Developments Forum:                                      CN$39.31-CN$78.62
Critical Issues and Topical Pamphlets
Legal Developments Forum:                                CN$164.31 – CN$275.16
Emerging Issues Commentary
50 State Comparative Legislation & Regulations                     CN$196.54
JurisCharts:  Insurance                                                                CN$39.31
Advanced Practice Strategies Medial Illustrations                   CN$275.00
JurisCharts with Analysis:  Insurance                                        CN$353.77

Charges for Business Information Reports range from CN$138 to CN$989 depending on the user’s location (e.g. USA, Canada, etc.).  Charges for other Dun & Bradstreet Reports range from CN$56 to CN$204.40 depending on the specific report requested.  Consult the Price List available in the Online Services for detailed report charges.

1.10 ANALYZER. CN$39.31 per search and CN$283.02 per report.

.  CN$39.31 per each basic report and CN$283.02 for each detailed report.

Charges for Telephone Look-Up will be CN$1.19 per search, Reverse Telephone Look-Up will be CN$1.19 per search, Name and Address Verification will be CN$3.14 per search, and Identity Verification Service will be CN$1.97 per search.   Risk Solutions Court Reports range from CN$1.57 to CN$300.31, Court Access fee from CN$1.57 to CN$62.89, Access Case fee from CN$1.57 to $157.23, and Extended date range will be CN$9.43, as designated in the product.

Telephone Look-Up                                                 CN$1.19
Reverse Telephone Look-Up                                   CN$1.19
Name and Address Verification                              CN$3.14
Identity Verification Service                                    CN$1.97
Risk Solutions Court Reports   from CN$1.57 to CN$300.31*
Court Access                              from CN$1.57 to CN$62.89*
Access Case                             from CN$1.57 to CN$157.23*
Extended Date Range                                                  $9.43
* as designated in the product

1.13 EDGAR GATEWAY SEARCH.  Gateway searches range from CN$.0.00 – CN$196.54.

1.14 DOSSIER.  Dossier report charges per report retrieved are as follows:

REPORT TYPE                                                       Each Report    
Executive Find                                                         CN$188.68
Company Dossier Snapshot                                    CN$125.79       
Company Dossier Complete                                   CN$188.68
Industry Dossier                                                      CN$188.68
List (pricing per 1000 names)
Create an Executive List
Screening Report (Results List)                              CN$235.85
Company Compare Report                                      CN$188.68

  Charges for Courtlink products retrieved via lexis.com

COURTLINK                                                               CHARGES

Courtlink Docket Search     Range from CN$14.94 – CN$89.62
Courtlink Docket Retrieval                      CN$7.86 & CN$14.15
Courtlink Docket Update                                             CN$6.29
Courtlink Party Alerts                                                 CN$16.12
Courtlink Nature of Suit and Class                             
Action Alerts                                                                CN$2.67
Courtlink Daily, Weekly or Monthly        CN$ 13.36 per update
Courlink OSD Image pdf      Range from CN$14.94 – CN$89.62
(Document Ordering   

Subject to the acceptance of the appropriate product agreement, the transactional charges are as follows:
TOTALPATENT                                                    CHARGES
Searches         CN$117.92 per Authority (max CN$628.93)

Document Delivery                      CN$16.90 per document
Single Document Retrieval                                 CN$11.79
PDF Images                                    CN$0.00 per document
Creating a Folder                                                CN$15.72
Copying a Folder                                                 CN$15.72
Machine Translating                                         CN$393.08
Analytics Report                                                  CN$31.45
Alerts                                            See Section 1.3 for rates
On Demand                                                         CN$31.45


Varies depending on the country to which delivered and if applicable, the method of delivery chosen by Subscriber.

First building - CN$314.47
Each additional building - CN$157.23


Per building with equipment used to access the Online Services.

CAD$/ month    


Law firms with more than 50 lawyers


Law firms with 11 to 50 lawyers


Law firms with 10 lawyers and less


5.1 Subscriber may use its own equipment, or it may be available from the provider of the Online Services ("Access Equipment").

5.2 The Access Equipment will be maintained by the provider of the Online Services at its then current standard charges.  Subscriber’s account representative will provide current rates on request.  Subscriber may terminate rental of any Access Equipment upon 10 days written notice.  Subscriber must return Access Equipment in the same condition in which it was received, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

5.3  Subscriber shall not permit any of its agents or employees to attempt to move, modify, repair, or tamper with any Access Equipment in any way, except that Subscriber may install Access Equipment designated by the provider of the Online Services as installable by Subscriber.  If Subscriber installs Access Equipment, Subscriber will do so according to the applicable instructions.  Subscriber assumes all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage, including damage to Access Equipment, that results from Subscriber's installation of the Access Equipment.

Subscriber shall pay then current standard charges for any software licensed by the provider of the Online Services.  Additional terms and conditions applicable to the software are packaged with the software and Subscriber agrees to promptly return the software if Subscriber does not agree to those terms and conditions.  By using the software, Subscriber agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions packaged with that software.

  All charges are exclusive of any taxes.  If such taxes are applicable, they shall be charged to Subscriber's account.  

7. PAYMENT TERMS.  Subscriber agrees to pay charges and applicable taxes within 30 days after receipt of an invoice.  All payments must be in Canadian dollars.  Bank drafts should be drawn on Canadian banks.

8.  CHANGES TO CHARGES AND DISCOUNTS.  Charges and discounts may be changed only on 30 days prior notice, which notice shall be with your invoice or otherwise provided in writing.

  If Subscriber fails to pay charges when due, Subscriber will be liable for all costs of collection incurred by the provider of the Online Services, including without limitations, collection agency fees, reasonable attorney's fees, and court costs.

10.1 If Subscriber issues a purchase order or other document relating to the Online Services, Subscriber agrees that the document shall be for Subscriber's internal purposes only and shall not modify or affect any of the terms or conditions for access to the Online Services.

Judicial proceedings to resolve any dispute, controversy, or difference which may arise between the parties out of or in connection with this Agreement may be commenced by Subscriber against the provider of the Online Services, or any Covered Party in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Ohio located in Dayton, Ohio, United States of America.  To the extent that Subscriber may be otherwise legally permitted to commence judicial proceedings against the provider of the Online Services or any Covered Party, in any court other than as specified above, Subscriber waives its right to do so.

10.3 The provider of the Online Services hereunder shall at all times be subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States, as amended from time to time.  Subscriber shall take all reasonable actions to assist the provider of the Online Services in complying with the laws and regulations applicable to the export or import of information, software, equipment, or any other commodity or technical data made available to Subscriber under this Agreement, Subscriber shall not make any disposition, trans-shipment, re-export, or diversion of any such information, software, equipment, commodity, or data except as permitted by such laws and regulations and by the terms of this Agreement.
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