Lexis Advance Quicklaw Price Schedule

Lexis Advance Quicklaw Transactional Price Schedule
September 2015

Search - $0*
There is no charge for any search performed in Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Every search will provide results from all primary and secondary sources, both within and outside your subscription.


Charge +

Primary Law


Case Law

  Judgements from all levels of court from all Canadian courts
  All board and tribunal decisions



•  Current consolidated and annual provincial, territorial and federal statutes
(including entire-act versions and section versions), regulations and rules of court
•  All historical legislation, and repealed statutes and regulations
•  International Treaties‡


Case Summaries

 • The Canada Digest
•  Canadian Case Summaries (CCS)
•  Résumés de Décisions Québécoises (RDQ)


QuickCITE Citator

• QuickCITE Case Citator
• QuickCITE Legislation Citator


Secondary Law

Dictionaries (e.g. Barron’s Canadian Law Dictionary, Canadian Legal Words & Phrases)


Indices (e.g. Canadian Law Symposia Index, Index to Canadian Legal Literature)


Quantums (e.g. Full collection of Canada Quantums)


Law Reviews and Journals $15
Legal Articles $15
Commentary (e.g. Textbooks & Treatises) $30
Current Awareness (e.g. LexisNexis® Supreme Court of Canada NetLetter™) $30
Legal Encyclopedias (e.g. Full online collection of Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada & JCQ) $30
Drafting material (Forms & Precedents)
• Drafting Commentary
• Forms

Quicklaw Administration Fee
If using Lexis Advance Quicklaw with a transactional account, a monthly recurring administration fee of $50 will be applied.




* A per-search fee may be applied after one year of use.

+ This charge correlates to the amount required to view the document if it is outside an existing Lexis Advance Quicklaw subscription. It is also the recommended charge back amount for documents accessed.

‡ This content is not yet available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw and is scheduled for a future release.


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