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Regardless of firm size, area of practice or years of experience, lawyers are asking the same questions:

  • How do I build a better client base? 
  • What's the right way to get (and stay) organized? 
  • How do I become a leader in my firm?

To help find answers, we reached out to our experts, industry-leading authors, and Lexis Practice Advisorâ„  Canada contributors and asked them to share their insights. Below is a growing collection of content and suggestions on how best to manage your firm, manage your clients, and manage your career.

We'll be updating the content regularly, so check back often.


Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles
This article focuses on three key aspects that greatly accelerate leadership skill development: knowing your leadership style, how to select the best style for the situation, and assessing the pros and cons of each style.

Self Promotion


Self Promotion
Are you comfortable with self-promotion? Are you comfortable talking about yourself? Are you self-promoting in the best way? This article outlines seven simple ways to become promotional savvy that will allow you to show your competence while being comfortable, connective and confident.

Top Ten Time Management Tips

Top Ten Time Management Tips
These time management tips aren’t just about saving time, they’re also about making the time you use as productive as possible — while still having a little left over at the end of the day to fit in something that you want to do. Incorporate these time management techniques into your daily routine today, and you’ll start experiencing the difference they can make right away.


The five secrets of getting organized

Client Feedback Guide
Even if you think you know why clients choose you to help them with their legal issues, you will learn more than you ever thought imaginable and win greater client loyalty by asking them to share their views. Collecting feedback from clients is one of the best ways to show you’re interested in building the best experience possible. This guide outlines some easy ways to get started.

The five secrets of getting organized

Delivering Bad News
In this article, Delee Fromm outlines seven tips for delivering bad news skillfully that will allow you to deal with high stakes conversations in a way that helps to maintain relationships and enhances your reputation as a leader.

The five secrets of getting organized


Guide to successful client relationships: Seven essential strategies
It doesn’t need to be said that clients are the most essential aspect of every legal professional’s practice — after all: no clients, no practice. But what’s often overlooked is the direct correlation between client satisfaction and your satisfaction, and the impact that your relationship with your clients can have on the success of your practice. Managing clients — their hopes, their fears, their expectations — may be the most challenging aspect of your day-to-day work — and the one thing you likely never learned in school.

The five secrets of getting organized

Relationship Management
Although the importance of relationship in business development seems pretty obvious there are many factors that detract from its importance for lawyers. Learn new techniques for building stronger client relationships.


Assessing Technology Needs

Is it time to assess your firm’s technology needs?
As a sole practitioner, family law lawyer Morgan is used to wearing many hats, including business developer, marketing expert, and even waterer of plants. But the one role she’s never embraced is being the IT department for her practice. Trying to manage the technology that she needs for her business to succeed just seems too overwhelming – and she isn’t confident that she’ll make the right decisions about where to invest her limited IT budget, when to upgrade or even whether she’s using the software she has to its fullest potential. Sound familiar?

The five secrets of getting organized

Five Secrets of Getting Organized
For small law firms in particular, getting – and staying – organized today can help you save time, work more efficiently and avoid potential problems down the road. In short, it’s an essential element of building a successful practice. Easier said than done, you say? We say: Here’s how you do it.

Law Firm Websites Guide

Law Firm Websites - Best Practice
Ever wonder if your website design is optimal or exactly what SEO and SEM mean? In this helpful reference guide, Heather Suttie of Heather Suttie & Associates, outlines some best practice tips for building the online presence that drives traffic and clients.

Legal Marketing on a Budget

Legal Marketing on a Budget
Building a marketing budget can feel overwhelming, but remember that spending some time today will save money tomorrow. This helpful guide outlines zero, low, and moderate cost marketing activities to make sure you’ve got your marketing bases covered. There’s also budget template to help get you started!


The Future of Law

The Future of Law
Our legal system is in transition and yet looking out to the future there is no single story to be told about the outcome. There are many possibilities, some known and some unknowable. Indeed, for everything we think we can anticipate there may be much more that we cannot yet even imagine. For the many key stakeholders in our legal community, this presents a unique challenge: given the uncertainty about how the future will play out, how can we best prepare ourselves?

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