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Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® NEW Graphical View

We are excited to announce that Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® is now offering a new data visualization tool that will make it faster and easier for you to assess cases and determine relevance right from the Search Results Page. Search Term Maps has been added to your results list for cases. Search Term Maps is designed to help you process case law search results quickly and efficiently. This new feature offers: colour mapping of key words, search term location bars, an ability Hide/Show visualized search terms, plus more.

Here's what you need to know …

Search Term Location Bars quickly point you to the most relevant portions of a case. This graphical tool:

  • provides the ability to preview key clusters containing your search terms
  • uses colour highlighting to distinguish between search terms (to a maximum of 5 colours, searches with six or more terms use one color)
  • allows you to quickly jump between clusters containing search terms (simply use the colour-coded lines in the location bar to preview segments which meet your search criteria within a case)
  • identifies segments in the case where the search terms are found (i.e. Summary, Keywords, Decision)
  • identifies cluster which contain the "best match" for search terms via a blue star.
New Graphical View

Case Preview: The passage that is displayed in the Search Term Map comes from the version of the case which "best matches" your search criteria.

  • The citation from which the case preview has come from is clearly identified in the Search Term Map.
  • View this passage in full document links to the paragraph in the document which contains the passage displayed.
  • View document takes you to the top of the document which contains the passage displayed.
New Graphical View

Treatment of Parallel Citations in the Search Results List: Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® offers a unique feature which rolls-up multiple versions of a case resulting from parallel citations, and all associated case-summaries, into a single result on your search result page. Citations for versions of the case containing your search terms are highlighted in yellow. (i.e. In the example below [2004] 3 S.C.R. 461 contains the search terms, but [2004] 3 R.C.S. 461, which is the French version of the case, does not contain the search terms). With our new Graphical View, the ability to expand/collapse the list of parallel citations visible on the results list has been introduced.

  • See All – By default full-text parallel citations, and citations for associated case-summaries, are collapsed on your Results List. Click "See All" to display all parallel citations for a specific case.
  • See Fewer – Once you have expanded your list of parallel citations, click "See Fewer" to collapse the list of parallel citations.
New Graphical View

Show/Hide Term Highlights Feature: This feature is visible in the search results page. Check boxes allow you to select the search terms which you would like to display. When a change is made, the Case Preview and the Search Term Location Bar are updated and display only the terms selected making it easy to pin-point segments within a case containing specific terms.

New Graphical View

New Full-Text Case View Search Term Location Bar: Once you've selected a case which meets your search criteria you will find a Search Term Location Bar, similar to the one found in the results list, at the top of the screen. This Search Term Location Bar provides a complete map of search terms found in the case, and visually allows you to see the location and density of your search terms without scrolling. The Full-Text Case Search Term Location Bar features an interactive slider that enables you to browse through the paragraphs containing your search terms.

New Graphical View

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Sign-on to Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® today and explore this new Graphical View!

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