Lexis Advance Quicklaw Update
April 2019

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New QuickCITE List View Option Provides Expanded Filtering Capabilities

We are excited to announce that a new List View option has been added to QuickCITE records. This new List View offers new expanded filtering capabilities allowing researchers to apply multiple filters to any given QuickCITE record. Filtering options include: Citator Treatment, Court, Year and Jurisdiction.

Researchers can now: focus on cases that have applied a specific treatment to a case, review decisions that have judicially considered a case from a specified court, focus on a given year or jurisdiction; and or combine any or all of these options to get precisely what they need in preparation for court. This feature is part of the series of enhancements designed to augment LexisNexis Canada’s QuickCITE service.

Follow these steps to use this new feature:

  1. While viewing a QuickCITE record, under Citing Cases, select the List View
  2. Use the filters on the left to filter by: Citator Treatment, Court, Year and Jurisdiction.
  3. Once filters have been applied, they are visible in the Narrow By Simply use the X to the left of a filter to remove applied filters.
New QuickCITE List View Option Provides Expanded Filtering Capabilities

New Ability to Select Multiple Cases from a QuickCITE Record for Delivery

Based on customer feedback, we have added the ability to select and deliver cases directly from a QuickCITE record. When viewing a QuickCITE record, a researcher can now use check boxes to flag cases for delivery, and then opt-into printing, saving or emailing the selected cases directly from the QuickCITE record. This new feature augments QuickCITE by eliminating the previous multi-step process allowing for quick-and-easy delivery of the cases referenced in a QuickCITE record.

To select and deliver cases from within a QuickCITE record, follow these simple steps.

  1. While in a QuickCITE record use the check boxes to the left of the QuickCITE symbol to select cases for delivery. Note: Items selected will be added to the Delivery Tray.
  2. Then use the delivery options at the top of the screen to print, email or download items selected.
New QuickCITE List View Option Provides Expanded Filtering Capabilities

New Advanced Search Form Now Available for Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher Quantums

A new Advanced Search Forms is now available for the Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher Quantums.  This source contains brief records of wrongful dismissal decisions, organized by Job Category.  Job categories include:

  • Senior Executives
  • Upper Management
  • Middle Management
  • Lower Management
  • Foremen & Supervisors
  • Professionals
  • Education Employees
  • Administrators
  • Sales / Marketing Employees & Managers
  • Technical & Skilled Employees
  • Clerical Employees
  • Labourers
  • Miscellaneous Employees

The new Advanced Search Form provides easy-to-use drop-down menus and allows for focused and precise searching with regard to: Job Category, Years Employed and Age of Employee.  Additional segment options allow for targeted searching by: position, case name, jurisdiction, court and tribunal, judge, panel or arbitrator, and citation.

To access the new Advanced Search Forms for these quantum services:

  1. Enter the name of the quantum service you would like to search in the Red Search Box (i.e. Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher).
  2. The source title will appear in the word-wheel under Add Source as Filte Simply click the source title to select it, and it will be added as a filter.
  3. Then from the top right corner, above the Red Search Box, select Advanced Search.  This will take you to the Advanced Search Form for the quantum service you opted to search.
  1. Use the options provided in the Advanced Search Form to restrict your search accordingly.

Coming Soon Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher Quantums via Explore Content

A link to Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher Quantums will be added to the popular Explore Content pod in the near future. This will provide quick-and-easy access to this new Advanced Search Form.

New Quantums Specific Post-Search Filters Now Available

Based on customer feedback we have enhanced our Quantums service to add quantum- specific post-search filters to the results list. With this enhancement, researchers can commence a Quantums search on a specific topic and then apply additional restrictions via post-search filters directly from the results list. This feature saves time by eliminating the need for the researcher to go back to the Quantums Advanced Search Form to apply additional filters. The example below illustrates this new feature.

  1. Select the Carlson Personal Injury Quantums from Explore Content. This will take you to an Advanced Search Form for Carlson Personal Injury.
  2. Under Injury Type, select Abdomen (all injuries) (C1A.05!) and then click Add.
  3. A search string is added to the Red Search Box. Click the magnifying glass to run the search.
  1. In the Results List new Quantum-specific post-search filters are now visible on the left side of the screen. Simply select options desired to further restrict results.

Enhancements to French Delivery Pop-up Messaging

Based on feedback from our French users, we have made enhancements to the Delivery Pop-up Messaging on the French platform. These changes will improve the document delivery experience for individuals using the French Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® platform. 

Enhancement to United Kingdom Content Display

In response to customer feedback, an enhancement was made which will exclude out-of-plan and restricted UK content from the display. Now when a researcher is Browsing UK sources, content that is not available in Canada, will no longer be visible. This will eliminate confusion which may have been previously caused for some customers.

Accessibility Enhancements

LexisNexis Canada is committed to making continued enhancements to Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® which will provide improved accessibility for persons with disabilities. In this regard, autocomplete accessibility improvements were made to the ARIA tags and labels in the Search Box and the Suggestion Box on Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®. This feature was added in late March of 2019 and will provide improved access for individuals using screen readers.

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