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A single web page gives you complete access to all the resources you need to succeed at all stages of litigation.

With LitigationPractice, sole practitioners and professionals working in generalist and specialized smaller law firms will have the complete research tools and reliable resources to help defend clients in civil law proceedings and succeed at all stages of litigation.

  • Market-leading primary and secondary content
  • Exclusive leading Butterworths® civil litigation treatises
  • Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada provides black-letter statements of law
  • Complete and current collection of topical case digests
  • Canada Quantums collections
  • All pertinent federal and provincial legislation
  • Unparalleled collection of board and tribunal decisions
  • Easy-to-use forms and precedents

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Learn from treatises and practice guides
Access the online versions of leading Butterworths® litigation law titles, such as Canadian Federal Courts Practice. All sources are fully searchable and interactive, with hyperlinks to primary material referred to in the text.

Find exclusive case digests
Find selected titles of The Canada Digest / Abrégé de jurisprudence du Canada, supplemented with topical current awareness services on the Quicklaw™ service — providing a complete and current collection of topical case digests.

Find quantum awards
Quickly locate key quantum awards from decisions across the country. Your subscription to LitigationPractice includes titles from the Canada Quantums collection.

Stay current on important developments
Know that you are up-to-date on the most current legislation and news impacting your immigration clients. Access litigation law regulations and statutes, as well as the LAW/NET™ Legal Update Service and the many NetLetters™.

  • Accept cases to institute or defend against any civil law proceeding
  • Confidently draft pleadings and facta with ease
  • Represent clients at various stages of litigation, be they plaintiffs or defendants, appellants or respondents, moving parties or respondents, parties to a mediation, or intervenors
  • Represent clients in any forum of law, such as trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations before administrative boards, tribunals, and federal and provincial courts
  • Negotiate and advocate confidently when matters span multiple areas of law — commercial, personal injury, real property, municipal and more

Access the following collections via LitigationPractice* on LexisNexis® Quicklaw:

Exclusive leading
Butterworths treatises
  • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Horne)
  • Federal Limitations Manual
  • McLachlin & Taylor – British Columbia Practice (Irvine)
  • British Columbia Limitations Manual
  • Alberta Limitations Manual
  • Ontario Courtroom Procedure (Ferguson) — The most popular
    modern courtroom guide for trial lawyers
Butterworths benchmark
reference treatises
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant – The Law of Evidence in Canada
    (The Hon. Mr. Justice Alan W. Bryant, The Hon. Mr. Justice Sidney
    N. Lederman and The Hon. Madam Justice Michelle K. Fuerst)
  • Class Actions Law and Practice (Eizenga, Peerless, Wright and
  • Canadian Tort Law (Linden and Feldthusen)
  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
  • Castel & Walker – Canadian Conflict of Laws (Walker)
  • The Law of Limitations (Mew)
Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada
  • Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada – Civil Procedure (Abrams,
    McGuinness and Brecher)
  • Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada – Negligence (Linden and
  • Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada – Torts (Linden and Feldthusen)
Exclusive case digests
  • Canada Civil Procedure Digest
  • Canada Civil Evidence Digest
  • Canada Limitation of Actions Digest
Essential Quantum Digests
  • Canada Breach of Contract Quantums
  • Canada Defamation Quantums
  • Canada Medical Negligence Quantums
  • Canada Property-Related Torts Quantums
  • Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums
Current Awareness
  • Carlson Personal Injury Quantum of Damages NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Civil Practice (Federal) NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Civil Practice (Western Canada) NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Ontario Civil Practice NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Civil Practice (Atlantic Canada) NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Civil Evidence NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Conflict of Laws NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Limitation of Actions NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Class Actions NetLetter
  • LexisNexis® Economic Damages NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Personal Injury NetLetter™
  • LexisNexis® Tort Law NetLetter™
  • Bulletin LexisNexis® Procédure civile (Quebec)
  • Bulletin LexisNexis® Preuve civile (Quebec)
  • Bulletin LexisNexis® Prescription (Quebec)
  • Bulletin LexisNexis® Recours collectifs (Quebec)
  • Bulletin LexisNexis® Responsabilité civile (Quebec)
Litigation Legislation
  • Litigation Practice Area Statutes
  • Litigation Practice Area Regulations

* Requires a Quicklaw account and a separate subscription.

Superior Training and Support on LexisNexis® Quicklaw®
Quicklaw comes with enhanced online assistance, including context-sensitive help, animated tutorials, and “How do I…?” links for learning specific tasks.

Quicklaw Training Demos
Train yourself on a specific aspect of using Quicklaw in 10 minutes or less. Our Quicklaw training demos include topics such as “Cost-Effective Searching” and “Customizing Your Quicklaw®.” Please visit our YouTube™ channel for additional Quicklaw training demos.

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  • LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service — Full access to the complete online collections of Halsbury’s Laws of Canada, The Canada Digest, Canada Quantums, Solicitor Forms & Precedents, 800+ domestic and international law journals — all supported by Canada’s most extensive collection of full-text court and tribunal decisions dating back to the 1800s.
  • LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service International — Full access to the content in LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service plus access to U.S. primary law, including the Shepard’s® Citations Service; U.K. primary law; the notable reference JurisClasseur from France; Australia and New Zealand primary law; and Hong Kong primary law.
  • LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials — Designed to meet the specific needs of the sole practitioner or small law firm, where the pressure to use your time wisely is greater than ever. Each LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials package gives you access to market-leading primary and secondary content, including Halsbury’s Laws of Canada, Butterworths texts and treatises, forms and precedents, The Canada Digest, and other exclusive online content.

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