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This source provides litigators with a comprehensive collection of sample forms to be used at each stage of a proceeding in a civil action in Ontario. From preliminary matters before proceedings are commenced to disposition without trial; from pleadings and discovery to appeals and proceedings in an appellate court - you’ll have access to the complete collection of litigation-related forms at your fingertips.

The Ontario Court Forms were originally authored by the late W. B. Williston and R.J. Rolls. Currently, Berkley D. Sells, Sarah J. Armstrong, Brad Moore, Shelley Babin, Richard Butler, Antonio DiDomenico, Cheryl Dusten, Nadia Jandali-Chao, Emmeline Morse, and Vera Toppings are the authors.

Topics include:

  • Preliminary matters before proceedings
    are commenced
  • Commencement of proceedings
  • Parties and joinder
  • Disposition without trial
  • Particular proceedings in an action
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Preservation of rights in pending litigation
  • Applications
  • Family law proceedings
  • Estate proceedings
  • Extraordinary remedies
  • Pre-trial procedures
  • Evidence for use at trial
  • Costs
  • Judgments and orders
  • Appeals and proceedings in an Appellate Court
  • Specific types of proceedings

This source provides annotated court and related forms essential to the practice of civil litigation in British Columbia. The forms are arranged chronologically as they would typically be used during the course of a proceeding. From preliminary matters before proceedings are commenced to disposition without trial; from pleadings and discovery, to appeals and proceedings in an appellate court, you’ll have access to the complete collection of litigation-related forms at your fingertips.

Frederick M. Irvine now authors this work. The Right Honourable Madam Justice Beverley M. McLachlin, P.C. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and James P. Taylor, QC, were the original authors.

Topics include:

  • Preliminary matters
  • Writ of summons
  • Affidavits
  • Petitions
  • Other commencement process
  • Service, delivery and appearance
  • Motions
  • Orders
  • Authority to act
  • Parties
  • Pleadings
  • Interpleader
  • Admissions, amendments and striking out
  • Discovery
  • Miscellaneous applications
  • Miscellaneous judgments and orders
  • Compromise and settlement
  • Disposition without trial
  • Fast track litigation
  • Trial
  • Appeals to Court of Appeal
  • Appeals to Supreme Court of Canada
  • Foreclosure and related proceedings
  • Builders lien proceedings
  • Estate litigation
  • Family law proceedings
  • Practice directions and notices to the profession

Your subscription to LexisNexis® Quicklaw® Forms & Precedents includes:

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  Banking & Finance

Complete coverage of all major banking and financing transactions with hundreds of forms and precedents preceded by a practical and insightful overview of the law of banking and finance in Canada.
  Commercial Tenancies

A comprehensive set of lease precedents and sample clauses to be adapted to different contexts encountered in commercial leasing transactions. Includes over 120 forms and precedents for the following lease types: Restaurants Retail and office Industrial lease, Ground lease, High-tech lease, Related-party lease.

Covering all steps in the incorporation process and every situation encountered by clients in this area; includes a sample minute book, over 35 precedents for articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, over 45 corporate by-laws, and a comprehensive set of directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions.

Fast, accurate help in documenting bankruptcy and insolvency issues; over 500 forms and precedents, in-depth commentary and indispensable checklists covering bankruptcy, receivership, restructuring, builders' liens and levying execution.

Practical commentary along with over 250 forms and precedents for all the issues related to advising an employer or an employee, including pleadings for various types of employment litigation and forms applicable to Federal employees.
  Family Law

Forms and precedents relating to the practice of Family Law in British Columbia. Includes cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements, sample client information sheets, statements of claim and defence, reporting letters, applications for spousal maintenance and restraining orders.
  Information Technology & Entertainment

A comprehensive set of forms and ready-to-use precedents relating to commercial transactions in the information technology and entertainment industries supplemented with material on patents — from computer contracts to Internet, e-commerce and entertainment agreements.
  Intellectual Property

Over 100 IP-specific forms and precedents, compiled by an expert team of practitioners led by The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes:
  • Privacy - Includes sample non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, sample privacy clauses in purchase and sale agreements, and sample privacy policies.
  • Patents - Includes petitions, disclaimers, requests, amendments, declarations and over 40 patent forms and precedents.
  • Copyright - Includes sample applications for registration of copyright, sample statement of claims, waivers and publishing agreements.
  • Industrial Design - Covers application, registration, assignment and licence of design; assignment of unregistered designs; and Industrial Design Infringement actions.
  • Trademarks - Covers applications for registration, declarations of use, assignments of Canadian trademarks and more, with extensive commentary on trademark infringement and passing-off actions.
  Land Development

Designed for private- and public-sector professionals involved in land-use planning on a daily basis; over 20 checklists and nearly 100 up-to-date sample letters, clauses, certificates, notices, objections, affidavits, and authorization forms.

An unprecedented wealth of precedent documents on licensing, including licensing precedents for film and television, intellectual property, and information technology.
  Municipal Law

Expert commentary to guide you through the essential aspects of municipal legal practice and how to use key municipal forms; 40+ comprehensive state-of-the-art sample forms and precedents to assist you with developing documents related to regulatory by-laws, licensing, municipal agreements, Community Development Corporations and Business Improvement Areas, municipal finances, tax sales, and expropriation.
  Sale, Distribution & Transport of Goods

Delivers all the goods on commercial transactions related to the distribution, manufacture, sale, transport and storage of goods; covers special statutory conditions, warranties, leases, conditions of carriage and all manner of franchising agreements.
  Sale & Operation of a Business

Nearly 200 forms and precedents on equipment leasing and the sale and operation of a business; checklists are cross-referenced to pertinent commentary.
  Wills & Estates

Endorsed by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Canada. Features over 180 up-to-date precedents on Wills, including particular will clauses and 19 complete wills covering virtually all likely scenarios, along with checklists, drafting tips and commentary which provides the legal context. Also includes over 120 of the latest probate and estate litigation forms and up-to-date precedents, checklists and drafting tips and authoritative advice written by Margaret Rintoul.

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