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For a general practitioner or a firm with diverse areas of practice, the Fundamentals package provides access to a broad range of content needed to support client services across a range of practice areas. Subscribers can enhance the depth of content in their most important areas of practice by adding Collections, each of which provide exclusive texts and treatises in a specific area of practice. Click on the Collections tab below for more details.

What you get

The Fundamentals package includes:

Available Content

The cost of “free” legal research

Free online legal research solutions can sometimes be a great place to begin your research, but you can often waste time sifting and assessing the information they return.

See how the two services differ.

Fundamentals Collections

Add area of practice specific content in the form of a collection, to your Fundamentals package:

Civil Litigation Collection

Criminal Law Collection

Employment Law Collection

Family Law Collection

Immigration Law Collection

Wills, Trusts and Estates Law Collection

Insurance Law Collection

Labour Law Collection

IP & IT Law Collection

Construction Law Collection

Natural Resources Collection

Looking for more?

Additional content packages from our Fundamentals package are available for insight on specific areas of practice.

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